the journalist of the edition Huffington Post Gabrielle with Serah says that the situation in the country is heating up. People are waiting for payment of wages and assistance from the state, but now some have nothing to eat. Many residents in various Italian cities and regions complain that they are hungry because they can’t work, and the funds have ended.

“Without money it is difficult to stay at home. For those who have a job, but they also or euros received from the guarantee Fund of payment of wages, those who work there, the majority of those who work in black and can no longer fulfill orders, to somehow make ends meet,” the article reads.

the Italians admit that they have literally “there is not a Euro”, so another week they “do not stretch”. A resident of Palermo, asked Prime Minister of Italy Conte to respond to the population, or simply “the revolution begins”.

the article States that in different cities, the staff of supermarkets were more likely to contact the police, because people can’t pay for the products. It is noted that approximately 20 families in Palermo stormed the local supermarket.

“Try to ask them: why aren’t you anymore?” – summed up the journalist.

currently in Italy ill more than 92 thousand people, more than 10 thousand victims of coronavirus. The authorities have extended the quarantine until 9 April, by requiring virtually everyone whose job is not vital, to stay at home.