the state of California won As Tamia Richardson 1985, during a visit to Disneyland Park in Anaheim in the US-a price that did not suspect you, that you will to cash it in only 34 years later. Because the then-14-Year-old was with her friend and her mother from Alberta, Canada to visit.

As the three that 27. August visited the amusement Park, were awarded on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Park to some visitors prices. Each 30. Visitors received a free ticket, each 300. Visitors to a plush doll of Minnie or Mickey, and every 3000. Visitors a Gedenkuhr. Even cars were in the 30,000. and 300,000. Visitors to forgive. The main prize is a Cadillac DeVille sedan for the three-millionth visitor. Richardson won a car, but a free ticket.

such As the “Los Angeles Times” reported, the teacher, the Ticket is recently back in the hands. Together with your two 15 and 17 year old daughters, they went to Disneyland. And to her Surprise, the old ticket is indeed still valid.

Ticket for Disneyland Park still valid

“I was a little nervous, because it is an ancient Ticket was”, will Richardson quotes. At the turnstile, an employee called the Board of Management, to make sure that the Ticket was still valid. And in fact, it granted the mother’s admission is free.

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And even more: The staff at the cashier exchanged the old Ticket for a new day pass with access to Disneyland and the California Adventure Park.

For Richardson, it was worth the Wait. The old Ticket was in the year 1985, $ 16.50 value, so the price for a day ticket is now in the summer months at $ 149. A Pass for visiting both Parks in a day, even cost you 199 dollars.

source: Los Angeles Times

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