the flight’s captain, Gerhard Müller, flying on a Dornier 328 Jet in the Danish Sun Air on a regular basis the routes from Friedrichshafen to Düsseldorf and Hamburg. Previously, the 55-year-old Pilot sat in the Cockpit of machines such as Fokker 50, Dash 8, ATR and Business Jets of various regional airlines.

Why is a fly in this summer, more restless than usual?
It is in Germany, two air, the lower and the upper. Since April of 2019 we get from the German air traffic for domestic flights only releases for the lower airspace, in order to relieve the upper.

flight to safety in The sky is it closely: Why passengers expect more turbulence must> In the upper airspace we fly over almost every storm. But at low altitudes, the storm clouds just in the summer. Actually, it would be quite easy to fly a little higher and to fly over quiet and comfortable the bad weather zones. Often, we ask for the in-flight backup. But the means for the pilot then increased attention, and usually there is a cancellation.

Then your machine is properly shaken?
The turbulence, especially in the lower airspace have tripled. This is not only for the passengers uncomfortable, but also for us in the front of the Cockpit. It makes us afraid.

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Are below, not too many small planes on the way?
most of The propeller planes make use of the lower airspace, in and out of brakes due to its significantly lower speed of some Jet. Our automatic collision warning system strikes as much more frequently.

there Are additional problems due to the low flight height?
Yes, we are consuming now, in deep layers up to 30 percent more kerosene and produce a much higher pollutant.

Interview: Till Bartels

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