Heroes 17/02/20 Photo: Personal archive of M. Nurbagandov”Work, brethren!”: why this phrase became the motto of the Russian special forces

for several years the Internet spread a video training or practicing fighting Russian security forces. Very often preceded by a photo of a lean bony guy with a Caucasian appearance next to “Work, brothers!”, and they end with the words “Work, brother.” This guy’s name is Mohammed Nurbagandov, and it was he who said the words that became the motto, the rallying call of all Russian special forces.


Mohammed Nurbagandov was born in the Dagestani village of Sergokala 9 January 1985 in the family of the head of the clinic, Comset Nurbagandov and Director of the school Nurbagandov Nurbagandov. In 2002, the future hero he graduated with a gold medal school in his native village, and in 2007 the faculty of law of the Dagestan state University with honors.

Then followed a service in the private security Management TSUNG of Russia in the Republic of Dagestan in the town of Kaspiysk. There Muhammad established itself from the best side. Colleagues described him as an Executive, responsible, always ready to help. However, to work in the private security he had only two years.

9 July 2016 he received a well-deserved day off and decided to spend it in his native village, with his family. Because the surrounding area was conducive to outdoor recreation, our protector and his family continued to celebrate in a forest, two kilometers from the village of Sergokala. In the evening women and of the men returned home, and Mohammed, his cousin Abdurashid, and their three younger brothers of school age left. Spent the night in the woods. Neither Mohammed, nor Abdurashid did not know that this is the last night of their lives.

the Bandits in the region

Terrorist and General criminal situation in the area where the tragedy occurred, a traditionally tense and Trevona. Since 2014 she is in some way improved, however, overall operational reports remain disappointing: many years of fighting and anti-terrorist operation in the Chechen Republic has led to the “spread” of organized crime in the nearby regions, especially for the Republic of Dagestan.

Protracted standoff dragged on local guerrilla skirmishes that occur with surprising frequency. Only in 2019 in the territory of the Republic there were seven loud and major terrorist attacks, to eliminate which were called special forces and other law enforcement officials. And that’s just the kind of information that got into the official Chronicles. Electronic periodical publication “Caucasian knot” refers to the current situation in Dagestan a good example of “low intensity civil war in a particular region of the Caucasus.”

Regularly introduced the counterterrorist operation (CTO). Security forces always suppress the speech of criminals, but the latter still comes to the forefront again and again. Mass murder, arms trafficking, kidnapping, torture – sorry, it’s all in Dagestan are still not uncommon. Although the statistics from year to year all the brighter.

Only now the terrorists are still active. Particularly active militants of ISIS* and “Caucasus Emirate”*. The killer of Magomed Nurbagandov and his cousin Arthur Bekbolatov, Aziz of Dzamalutdinov and three were part of the “Emirate of the Caucasus” – or rather, in subordinate unit and sabotage group “Izberbashsky”. In the morning of 10 July, they came to the tents of campers near the village of Sergokala.

“Work, brethren!”

According to the official, thugs, hiding from security forces in the forests, came upon Nurbagandov with relatives accident. Pass by sleeping not wanted, and decided to show off. Not knowing what the people before them, they were rude to Wake them. Kicked in the stomach by one of the brothers, students, Arsen, and when the elder brother of Abdurashid, protecting the child, entered the fray with bandits shot him on the spot. Then tied the rest and searched the camp, found the identity Nurbagandov.

Right after that they pushed Magomed and Arsene’s in the trunk and drove further into the forest. After about a kilometer, they dragged Magomed out and executed it.

Shortly after the killing in the Internet appeared the video with shots of the massacre: in a forest dressed in a tracksuit action, holding a police identification card, interviewing him.

Action: Here, caught the infidel, officer, Junior Lieutenant of police. You Nurbagandov?

Mohammed: Yes, I am.

that is followed by the brutal footage: gunman takes up arms and kill Magomed.

Directly after the murder, the criminals were able to safely escape. But long freedom, they weren’t. They were calculated, and September 7, 2016 in Makhachkala and Izberbash conducted anti-terrorist operation in which some of the terrorists were destroyed and surrendered. Went and murderers of Lieutenant Nurbagandov.

Truth, about the heroic deed of Mahomed came to light when, after clashes commandos searched the bodies of the militants and found one of them a mobile phone with a full version of roller.

the footage, which the bandits cut Nurbagandov in the face of death keeps his temper and his behavior, despite aimed his gun at him and a full understanding of what awaits him, goes out a winner. The militants are trying to get him to convince other security forces of the Republic to leave the service.

Action: Tell me tell her [colleagues from the security forces – ed.] …

Mohammed: say What?

Action: not To work.

Mohammed: Work, brethren, why not.

the video shows that the rebels were so shocked by this answer that in a few moments, didn’t even find the words. Someone from the bandits behind the scenes says hesitantly, “Oh, swell, braveth”. Then go to the already known footage of the massacre.

Arthur Bekbolatov and Aziz of Jamalutdinov, who led the survey, was in the dock. The first was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment, despite giving truthful testimony, and the latter to 20 years imprisonment. Bekbolatov was charged in armed attack on employees of traffic police, therefore, got together. As for the operator of the LIH – Aziz Jamalutdinov, he escaped with life only because he was not directly killed Nurbagandov, actively cooperated with the investigation and, by his own admission, even tried to stop accomplices. The other three participants in the attack on unarmed people near Sergokala were eliminated during special operations.

Mohammed Nurbagandov have retained the honor, dignity and loyalty to the military oath. Such resistance could not boast of the surviving raiders. They, being secured to the wall by evidence, confessed everything. It just so happened that Jamalutdinov it kind of helped, and Bekbolatova – no.

on 21 September of the same year with his parents bravely took the death of Magomed Nurbagandov met the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

– I’d love to shake your hand and thank you for the son, – the President said the father of Mohammed Nurbagandov Nurbagandov and his mother Comset. – He is a true hero and I signed a decree on awarding him the title of Hero of Russia. Not everyone under threat of death and execution remains faithful to the oath and duty, remains faithful to his people. This is an example for many of us.

When the incident became widely known in detail, the phrase “Work, brethren!” immediately became a motto, a password with special forces soldiers and law-enforcement officers. Password, which the security forces respond with opinion: “Work, brother!”

* – an organization banned in Russia.

Ilya Pozhidaev

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