Ben. Jonas. Leon. Paul. So guys hot nowadays on the playgrounds. A Helmut dashes, however, are rarely due to the sand box. No wonder, then, evokes this Name, however, memories of men from another time, Dietl, Schmidt or Kohl. Yet, somehow, fascinated Markus Knows this urdeutsche Name. He was old-fashioned, but also sympathetic. As the project created for the heart: a hand-made vermouth.

in 2016, was Helmut still a rough idea, since one and a half years, the bottles are now on the shelves of the beverage dealer. In spirits-festival, he even got prizes awarded. Can live with that Markus does not Know about the sale alone. “We want to be known. And hope to sell this year, 10,000 bottles.” But White believes to be the right time Marketing to the nail and in the drinks Business got hanged. Because wormwood has a Momentum, as the next big thing at the counter. The Gin-Hype flattens out, the first supermarkets instead of vermouth.


Markus White (right) and Nils Liedmann are the minds behind the Hamburger vermouth brand, Helmut.

©Helmut PR Comeback of an old acquaintance

the new Trend is, strictly speaking, a fairly old age. The ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks shifted their wine with all sorts of roots, flowers and herbs. Officially, the wormwood landed but it was only in 1786 in the history books as the Italian distiller Antonio Benedetto Carpano wine flavored with sugar and a few dozen spices, including wormwood plant Artemisia absinthum, better known today as wormwood, the healing powers are attributed.

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The wormwood lived long as an Aperitif, and medicine, there is a niche that the big commercial breakthrough in America, as the Würzwein in the late 19th century. Century as an essential ingredient for Cocktails-established. The bitter-sweet Spirits experienced with an alcohol content of between 14.5 and 21.9% by volume of a Renaissance due to the many creative Bars, discover your love for classic Cocktails. The James Bond celebrated Martini without vermouth is just as little conceivable as the Negroni, this year its 100. Celebrates birthday and still find on nearly every map.

Bittersweet Symphony

“in the past, wormwood was frowned upon, because a bad wine has been treated to make it drinkable,” said Yuri Rubbing, senior bartender of the Bar, Noir at the Hamburg Hotel “Tortue”. “In the past few years, however, there was a noticeable change. Modern vermouth are more complex: they provide Sweetness and a Floralität, taste like berries or pineapple. New interpretations of the classics are quite possible.”

Friction is believed that wormwood is playing yet another Trend in the cards: The times of the effect of drinking are over, light Drinks to conquer the counter. “Wine-based spirits such as vermouth, but also port wine or Sherry, perfect with Tonic combine. You can drink multiple Drinks in the evening. We realize that the demand is increasing.” High in the course of the French Lillet for the vermouth in a similar, but different means, because it is not the wormwood provides the bitter Note, but China bark am also.

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Less alcohol, higher-quality spirits – this development is also observed Bacardi-Germany-in-chief Stephan Tenhaef. “The Trend is to less alcohol and less calories. At the same time, a Premium is held cap: It gives the customer a higher quality need, and also the willingness to pay more.” The is primarily driven by the Millennials, which celebrate the aperitif culture. “Around the world young people with friends want to sit, especially in the early evening, with a light drink in Hand and enjoy the moment.” Tenhaef referred to as the “terrace of the moment”.

wormwood, But the Millennials don’t go with their time differently than previous generations, they also drink different: “used to be consumed in the pure, today, you drink it, preferably with Tonic”, so Tenhaef. His group has responded to the changing drinking habits and the Fiero is a Martini-Variation on the market, specially developed to Mix with Tonic.

“Why are you doing now bum luck?”

is How diverse wormwood seen in the fact that it is used not only in Bars but also in the kitchen. Many cooks use the Würzwein to the refinement of fish soup, or to Deglaze the frying rate, the TV chef Christian Rach swears on a white Sauce without flour, which is served with a white vermouth, chicken broth, cream and Butter. Even Desserts get through the bitter-sweet drop of an interesting touch.

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Versatile and a little alcohol – in fact, the wormwood, and fits perfectly in the spirit of the times. And yet, he has a bad reputation. The term “wormwood brother” has long been used as a synonym for a homeless person. The poor Image also knows Sebastian Brack. When he sold in 2013 to be Tonic-Startup Thomas Henry profitably, he crashed directly into his next project: Belsazar Vermouth, a hip wormwood from Berlin. The environment, however, reacted surprised. “Many asked me, why in the world do I do now bum luck,” said Brack. “I didn’t understand that at all. For me, the category was highly exciting!”

Six to eight months of tinkering around brackish together with his Partner, Maximilian Wagner on the recipe, in April 2014, the first bottle was sold. And you’ve been right: The diamond-shaped label, one discovers more and more frequently, in scene Bars, half the bottles are sold abroad.

so It was only a matter of time until the Great were on the young Berlin-based attention. In March 2018 Diageo, the largest spirits manufacturer in the world – bought the brand finally, the sum of both sides keep silence.

The thing’s name

to sell Quickly is the goal, says Brack was never. “But at some point it reaches its limits. And is faced with the choice: stay Small or grow very quickly? Such opportunities do not often have in life.” With the additional sales and marketing power, it saves 20 or even 30 years, appreciates brackish. “A Bank would have never given us money. We needed to be able to make mistakes.” So you had to pour 6,000 litres of wine, because he was wrong macerated. A mistake that cost the company 30,000 euros.

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From the errors it seems that the Belshazzar to have the Duo learned to Barmessen and Cocktail competitions like World Class, the Berliner presented themselves self-consciously in addition to established brands. The reservations to the end customer, compared to wormwood sense of brackish. On the official Homepage, the Motto of “Aperitif, but different”, the name wormwood, you seem to want to largely avoid. Wine aperitif, it now sounds even more noble.

“This is not a pity, even a Martini speaks of wormwood, and stresses instead the brand”, Markus White, the Helmut-founder. “The Major could strengthen the whole category and show people this can be a supposedly in disrepute guessed product with fresh ingredients really cool.”

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seat 1: Dandelyan, London

The Bar in the Mondrian Hotel in London for years. In the past year, she landed in second place, well, it was enough for the gold medal. The Drinks are top-notch, as is the Service. If you want to stop by here, you have to hurry, however: The top Bartender Ryan Chetiyawardan has recently announced that the Dandelyan will be closed in the coming year.

More information can be found on the Website.


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