Great and powerful – this is the Trend in SUVs and Pick Ups. But in addition to this vehicle from Putin’s Empire of the Lincoln Navigator works under-developed. Instead of all-wheel drive on four tires of Avoros Shaman, rather trust on eight huge tires.

The vehicle is 2.5 meters, ready, 6.4 meters long and fabulous 2.7 m high – the dimensions like a waste. The ground clearance is 45 inches. Despite the size, only one driver is in the first row – sitting in the middle in a captain’s chair to get a better Overview for the terrain. For use on the road of the Shaman has not been built – primarily, it is an off-road vehicle. Behind the driver, nine passengers can sit, you can get the car but also with a large load space.

Monster SUV: Avoros Shaman 8X8 – if the biggest SUV is too small Fullscreen

The Avoros Shaman 8X8 is huge and fits in any Parking space.

©Avoros PR Quickly, it is not Armored Oshkosh JLTV, mine, solid and powerful – this is the Super-site of the U.S. army By Gernot Kramper

the car For the speeds in open terrain, the 146 horsepower of the Iveco F1C 3.0-Liter turbo diesel. The Behemoth is also expected to be very mobile, since all the wheels can take. On the road is only guided with the pair of wheels at the front. In open terrain, the rear Pair of supports. In addition, there is a crab mode, then hit all the wheels and the car moves from side to side.

According to the manufacturer, you don’t need any special skills to drive the van. The Avoros Shaman 8X8 is not built for the downtown but for the Russian Tundra. There he was to move, to be without water, swamp and mud stopped.

The Russians are aware of the problems with this background. In the past, you tried to come up with chains and some very quirky designs there. Meanwhile, the huge lower tire pressure as the best System proven. They distribute the pressure of the weight on a large area and prevent from sinking in the one. This is the main reason why the 4.8-ton vehicle has four tyres in pairs. The large tires keep the Avoros Shaman is also over the water, where he reached at least 7 km/h.

The prices for a proper off-roader from the Russian production start at 180,000 euros.

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