During your college education, you will face tasks such as writing an essay. It is good to know that when writing an essay, there are certain rules and strategies that you should follow if you want your essay to be successful. As with everything else, the hardest part is getting started, so we’re suggesting some strategies for writing an introduction when you’re writing a college essay.

What You Must Know Before You Start?

To begin with, you must know that every essay, just like other types of written papers – should have an introduction, elaboration, and conclusion. However, before you get down to writing, you need to do some of the steps that precede it, such as coming up with ideas, researching, setting theses, and contouring the essay. When you’re done with that setup, you can start writing. Essay writing always involves an introduction. But sometimes it’s so hard to make an introduction. However, don’t let panic overwhelm you, as there are strategies you can use when writing an essay introduction. When you succeed in that – everything else goes much easier.

How To Properly Write An Introduction?


Every beginning is difficult, so writing an introduction to an essay is no exception to this rule. However, if you direct things well from the start – this shouldn’t be a big problem. The only important thing is to follow some basic rules and strategies that will help you overcome the obstacle called Introduction as successfully as possible. Keep in mind that the Introduction is the most significant phase when writing a successful essay, so it is very important. That is why, when writing an introduction to an essay, you must keep in mind that it leaves the first impression on your reader. The introduction should acquaint your reader with the topic and general idea of what are you going to write about – but clearly and directly. However, sometimes you may interest the reader in other ways. So here are some strategies that can help you when writing an introduction to your essay.

Introduction Strategies For Your Essay

What students are always advised to do is to start from the very structure of the introduction. So, you should start with a meaningful sentence about the thesis that you will represent in your essay. When you write an introduction to your essay – you can do it in several ways that may be receptive to your readers. Of course, you must keep in mind the very topic with which the writing strategy should be compatible. These are some of the approaches to writing an introduction that you can use.

1. Don’t Waste Reader’s Time On Unnecessary Things


Although you are writing paperwork and not a newspaper article, you must introduce your reader to what you will write about – but you must also intrigue your readers in some way. Perhaps this is the most complex part of the art of writing an introduction. Therefore, try to be direct about the topic. Don’t start the essay with some unnecessary things, but try to aim right at the target – that is, the topic. On the other hand, be careful not to explain everything about the topic in the introduction. Leave some parts partially unfinished to explain them later in the essay. According to, if you explain everything at the very beginning, the further course of the essay will no longer hold the reader’s attention. It is the loss of readers’ attention that can cost you the most when you write an essay.

2. Make Your Introduction Interesting Through Anecdote Or Dialogue

For those who have not had experience with essays so far, this part may not be clear. However, it is a simple strategy that will make the introduction interesting and keep your reader’s attention for the rest of the text. So, you can explain the topic of your essay descriptively through some interesting story or anecdote, and maybe even a dialogue. So, this can be more than an effective way to describe the action of your essay.

3. Try With A Little Mystery In The Introduction

This is a strategy that gives results to most readers because it intrigues them to find out about what will be further discussed later in the text. When you remain mysterious in the introduction but also interesting enough – then it will motivate your readers to finish reading your essay to the end.

4. Question-Answer, Problem-Solution


Sometimes, depending on the topic, you can rely on a specific problem in the introductory part – but also on a solution that you have managed to reach. It can also be in the form of a question-answer. However, when you do this – do it without further detail within the introduction so that you can develop the topic later in the essay.

5. Add Your Personal Touch In The Introduction

If the essay is of such a type that you have the opportunity to enter your personal touch in it – then do it. It is certainly clear to you that your written essay will be one of the hundreds – so you need to find an adequate way to stand out among the crowd. However, you also have to be very careful here because it can be unsafe terrain. If you talk about something from personal experience or state your thoughts – you must be careful that it does not go into writing about yourself and crosses the line of good taste. Every reader likes to feel your personal touch, but you must not impose it. On the contrary, you must leave enough space for other options of thinking or concluding on the topic. So, reveal your personality, but don’t go into the egocentric zone.

Essay Writing: It Looks Easy, But It Isn’t

Writing an essay can be a hard, and sometimes exhausting, and frustrating process. Still, it doesn’t have to be the rule. A lot of it depends on your approach to writing, the chosen topic – and following the structure of the essay. Some college students approach it casually and are natural talents – while others hate this form of expression from the earliest college days. So don’t feel frustrated because, with our little guidance and a couple of useful tips, anyone can write a good essay. If you know how to approach writing step by step and you understand what is expected of you – writing an essay can even be fun.