a mediator in the world trade organization (WTO) have expressed their views in a controversial ruling, for the first time to a question in the dispute over US tariffs on steel and aluminum plays a Central role

Can be challenged barriers to trade, adopted with reference to the national security, prior to the WTO? The mediator say in a concrete case between the Ukraine and Russia: Yes, and from the levers to the Central Argument of the United States in the dispute over steel tariffs, the EU and other countries in the WTO have filed an appeal. Against the on Friday issued the judgment, the parties to a dispute may put in an appeal.

In the specific case concerned a complaint of Ukraine by 2016. She accused Russia of obstructing the Transit of Ukrainian Goods by Russia. Russia had done for certain control measures national security interests.

Background was the dramatic deterioration of the relations with the neighboring countries after the overthrow of the Russia-friendly Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Ukraine turned away economically from Russia, to Orient more in the direction of the EU.

In the course of the conflict was annexed to Russia, the black sea Peninsula of Crimea. In the Russian-dominated Eastern Ukraine, a war broke out in April 2014. For the past five years, Ukrainian soldiers fighting against Pro-Russian separatists, supported by Russia. More than 13,000 people have died so far.

The WTO dispute arbitrator stated now, to check that you have the authority, in fact, if the Argument of “national security” is headed to the right. Further, you decided with reference to the resolutions of the security Council that the Russian measures were imposed in an “emergency in international relations”.

they did not meet the conditions of the WTO rules belonging to the of article XXI of the GATT agreement. The article defines the circumstances under which a country’s national security interests may lead. The Arbitrator add that the Russian measures without this plight against the WTO were not contrary requirements.

the dispute over steel duties could be the ruling direction. The United States argued, namely, that the WTO should not Simple accept a case, even if a country is leading to trade barriers in the interests of national security. The Arbitrator in the case of Ukraine and Russia.

The Arbitrator to strengthen the Position of the EU and other countries filed a complaint against the U.S. duties. The plaintiffs claim that the Argument of “national security” is checked, because they believe that the US imposed steel tariffs to protect the domestic market. The WTO proceedings in the dispute over steel tariffs has only just begun. A verdict is not yet in sight.



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