Worldwide there is a survey of the nature conservation organisation WWF, is less and less wild animals. In the period between 1970 and 2014, the number of Wild living vertebrates therefore fell by 60 percent. The main reason is the loss of habitat for animals such as by agriculture, mining and the Growing of the cities, it was said.

“The Situation is really bad, and it is getting worse and worse,” said WWF Director Marco Lambertini. He urged that nature conservation is not only to protect popular animals such as tigers, Pandas and whales. For humans there could be no future if the earth’s biological diversity will be deprived.

environmentalists are also concerned about the departure of China from a trade ban. The Chinese government wants to allow the controversial trade of tiger bone and Rhino “under special conditions”. The sale and use would be strictly controlled, informed the Chinese authorities. Tiger bones and horns of rhinos are likely to be of farm animals and for “medical research or to cure” won.

The conservationists from the WWF criticise the prohibition of the departure from the trade. The decision will have “global devastating consequences” because of poachers and smugglers will be allowed to hide behind a ‘ legalised trade.

The body parts of animals are used in traditional Chinese medicine – despite the lack of evidence for their effectiveness. The demand for ivory in the people’s Republic of see professionals as a reason that many African elephants are killed. Starting this year, the leadership in Beijing hotel ban of all ivory trade.


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