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Lifeless is a little girl on the carpet. Eyes closed, arms and legs stretched out. Felicia plays her role well. Even as her friend Rosi grabs shoulders and shakes, warps the five-year-old a straight face. “Hello? Can you hear me?” Nothing. Rosi know what to do now. With two hands Felicia’s head moves gently to the back and the girlfriend puts an ear to her lips. Relieved, she looks up: “she is breathing still.”

Rosi Felicia’s takes a Hand, she puts her on the cheek, grasps the leg, sent the knee and turns her inert friend with a spirited swing to the side. “Done!” Agreed: Exactly the perfect stable side situation. In Bavaria, as seen here in the nursery root Purzel in Munich, learn a lot of children First aid before they come to school.

“Dare You!” is the name of the program, which has been developed by the Bavarian Red cross specifically for Four – to six-year-old. Playfully the Little one to learn how to cut and burn wounds supply, bumps, cool, or just get help. Sonja Hieber, Chairman of the Bavarian youth red cross, is certain: “children can make better-than-adults First aid. You simply have no inhibitions.”

Go to console and help

So, like Jacob, a six-year-old from the group consisting of Felicia and Rosi. When it comes to foreign bodies in wounds, he cries excitedly: “The daughter of the Heike had been a stick in the eye!” You can’t pull the easy to get out, the children learn in the course of the hand puppet Solfi. “Leads you through the program, the children will see you as a friend,” explains Birgit Geier. The teacher manages the nursery, in the today of the course is taking place, and has co-developed the First-aid Training for the Little ones. “Go and get help, and the most important things are comfort, if you provides First aid. And also children can. The sooner you learn it, the more natural it will be for you as an adult, and to react correctly in an emergency.”

Only a third of adults, as studies have proven, can help in an emergency. Most do not consider themselves as a good first aider. You are afraid to do something wrong to hurt the victim, and therefore do nothing at all (Resuscitation: De Buck et al., 2015). However, this is the worst thing that can happen to a victim. Because in the case of a cardiac arrest, for example, in Germany each year, around 50,000 people suffer, every Minute counts. With each, enough to sit by and hide, this will reduce the chance of Survival of the Affected by ten percent. More members or passers-by would trust a immediate cardiac massage, may daily be 27 lives saved.

resuscitation cardiac arrest – what to do?

A heart, circulatory arrest is the third most common cause of death in Germany. More than 50,000 people collapse each year, because her heart gives up. Only every Tenth survived. The number is so low because many of the Concerned is not directly helped.

you Know what to do, if you are someone chokes? It’s actually quite simple: stop: Check – Call – Button.


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