On Parking lots and streets in these days, countless yellow cars are on the road. At the same time the rape begins to bloom again, the fields are always yellow. Many here see a connection. There is not, however, With the rape of the pollen on the cars currently.

debt instead of spruce: your Pollen count this year is extreme. This is mainly due to the weather: First of all, it was in Germany, very cold, so the Pollen has been halted. With the sudden increase in temperature they exploded literally – and in the current dry and warm weather, you have perfect flying conditions.

as aggressive as bird droppings pollen is not far. However, those who wait too long to Wash, it can damage the paint yet. It is better to wash the car at least every 14 days, the TÜV SÜD recommends. For this you should use a high pressure cleaner. In addition, it is important, instead of antifreeze, a summer windscreen cleaner.

wash More Wallpapers and tips for the car in the case of Pollen, the colleagues of HNA.de.

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