the cuisine of the British, we look back with the same attitude, with the help of the British views of the German sense of humour. We both look down. What we see in each case, we regard with bewilderment and concern, sometimes even with disgust. What has this to do with a lack of contact and also with grinning pleasure at the fear of strangers. “Let’s admit it, we love to had them” was a Headline in a British sheet, I have: “Let’s admit: We love to hate you.” Wherein the line described by the British General views of Germany, probably in front of a football game.

My contact with the British Isles granted, however, soon 50 years, and also the stupid sad Brexit will kill him. I have eaten plenty on the Islands and must say this: The British kitchen is gorgeous dishes – Yorkshire Pudding is one of them. He is not a sweet preparation, but a side dish to meat. Yorkshire Pudding should be known, even in the us. It is easy to prepare, versatile, structurally different can be used and also inexpensive. Classically it should be served with roast Beef, should be so he is nice and juicy, very large. Who gathers not a big family, should give him a beer, his circle of friends, serving, washed by Streams, and wine.

The high hurdle at first, the flesh

There have good beef (other than the Islands) in the us is more difficult than the ingredients for the custard, I start with him: The cow has 13 Ribs, the beef rib roast I recommend a coherent piece from the roast meat from the Ribs 9 to 13, where the fillet on the head.

Germany dairy cattle country. Dairy cattle are bred, as the Name says, more for the milk as for human consumption. Nevertheless, the butchers will do their utmost to sell us barely hung young bull meat from Holstein cattle, which is at the end of a similar goal-oriented, like a long race on the Nürburgring track with a milk-to-drive tank truck. You research (in fact, it is a research project) and beef (Charolais, Angus, Simmental, Fleckvieh, Limousin, Hereford) and after the meat of heifers or steers. Heifers are females that have not yet calved. Oxen are castrated, formerly male animals are cozy in nature. It should be matured for three weeks.

have the meat, it is time to go into the country. We use to practice a Yorkshire Pudding. Hard, but what we want is to delight our guests with something that we know inside out.

So please, 200 g flour, 2 TABLESPOONS of Coleman’s Mustard Powder (dry mustard, flour, if available), and 1-2 TSP salt and mix. 4 eggs, beat up with the flour mixture and mix (in the case of lumps of the dough through the sieve). Now 500 ml of milk, stir, and then 50 g of liquid, to a mild heat brought Lard (from the pig). The dough half an hour in the fridge to rest put, what allows the glue (Gluten) of wheat protein, to associate long-chain and to give the Pudding, later, his wonderful elasticity.


to get the roast meat? Good! We assume that the unit weighs 4 Kilo (enough to feed a football team): let’s RUB it all around with Oil or Lard, salt and pepper, and we push it on the grill at 230 degrees in the oven, where we will leave it for a half hour. The heat brings the meat first, to sweat, and soon, to the Sizzle. We lower the heat to 160 degrees, and we see to it that the Roast according to the following formula angelic to Paradise: per 500 g of meat weight of 15 minutes result in what is called a medium. Secure we travel with a meat thermometer (core temperature sensor) at the thickest point of the roast has 60 degrees to the target.

at the start of the Bratvorgangs you an iron or earthen pan with high sides – my measures 20 x 30 x 5 cm – the meat pushed. This drops when Cooking “the drippings”, so melting fat and leaking juices. These Drippings can be put to use, because our Yorkshire Pudding acts when baking like a sponge.

When the Roast comes out of the oven, and to compensate for the juices in its Interior a good while of resting, we drive the temperature to 200 degrees, pour the liquid dough into the hot mold with the Drippings, and bake it in the oven for about 30 minutes. So much the rest of the Roast.

At the edges of the dough is in the oven high and in the middle of something deeper. After 20-25 minutes single start pretty zubräunen, after 30 minutes you should be able to extend the Set attractive Golden surfaces. In the dough the middle of something swimming in fat, and after removing from the oven it will sink in something together – but nothing.

meat juice that has collected in the Rest, we give – mitfrisch cracked/ grated horseradish/horseradish as a Sauce at the table. The Roast we cut with a sharp knife, the Pudding we blades on the preheated plate, and special greed necks, we will fight back with the two-pronged meat fork. Then let’s do it.

Yes, a piece of rib The King of Roasts, but the sauce-fated spoons of the pudding is not dawns on us that there are minor nobility in the kitchen (so you know what you are doing). Basically, Yorkshire Pudding is a very large pancakes, the pores of the meat juice on the eyes. Oh, England, my love!


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