the Whole of Paris is in shock: In the world-famous Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris broke out on Monday in a devastating fire. For hours the flames from the roof of the monumental building, the beat. Quickly were hundreds of Videos of the fire in social networks and on Youtube, which were watched from all over the world. Who watched the live stream in the United States or in South Korea, got below the video but a note to see more information on the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11. September 2001.

it was, of course, a malfunction of the so-called “Knowledge Panel”, which was introduced last year by the Google subsidiary, with the proliferation of Fake News and conspiracy theories stem through additional education. By the remark in the Notre-Dame-Videos, however it gave the impression that the Videos of the fire in Paris, there were false reports of the attack on the World Trade Center.

Youtube disabled the malfunction

The video platform Youtube has apologized for the error. In a statement, the group said that an algorithm did not work as planned. An artificial intelligence is analyzed automatically in the Background, the Videos, in order to detect questionable content and to provide, where appropriate, with filing information. In the case of the Notre-Dame-Videos the System was, however, a wrong decision, as it kept the fire in Paris for the attacks in New York.

sources: the Guardian, Bloomberg

you can read more about fire in Notre-Dame:

the Cathedral is still in danger of falling down – All of the information in the live tickerdie pictures of the devastating fire, husband of Salma Hayek donates 100 million euros for Notre-Dame-Twitter-reactions: Neymar tweeted grieving Quasimodo”Our heritage goes up in smoke”: The world mourns the loss of Notre Dame

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