Max Kruse could keep up according to the TV pictures only heavy in the bridle. His club had just lost a thrilling Cup semi-final against Bayern 3:2, as the Bremen’s captain was asked prior to the ARD micro-to comment on the game-winning scene. Bremen defender Gebre Selassie had brought Bayern striker Kingsley Coman in the penalty area with a thin nudges to the case, what referee Daniel Siebert punished immediately with a penalty-kick. As Kruse saw the pictures, he was stunned: “This is ridiculous. So, if that’s a penalty… Very light touch. Oh God, ey!”

DFB-Pokal Disputed penalty Bayern to the DFB Cup final, DPA,

Kruse said it is likely to be quite football Germany, with the exception of Bayern-Fans from the heart. All were United in the feeling, to be plated referee whistle to a pack at the end of final stage, possibly even an extension.

The dramaturgy of the Evening was before culminating in a furious one-two punch, as in the 74th Minute, first of all, Osako, and 67 seconds later Rashica the 2:0 lead Bayern to the 2:2 equalized. Werder was angeknockt had on the handle, the Bavaria. A raging river Weser stadium – everything was tables final minutes for drama, marriage Siebert with his whistle in the 78. Minute, let the air out of the game.

ARD-Reporter: “That’s not enough!”

Even the actually to neutrality committed to ARD Reporter Tom Bartels did not hit the side of the Bremer: “A slight nudge, that’s enough in my eyes for a penalty.” And expert Stefan Kuntz was surprised after the final whistle: “Why is he not coming out and the scene looks on the screen?”

Also, Werder-coach Florian Kohfeldt downgraded Siebert’s whistle in the category of unjustified a: “Nine out of ten referees would not have as as a whistle,” said the Werder Coach upset. Head of sports Frank Baumann sekundierte: “there are no big discussions, it was not a penalty.”

Kohfeldts Anger was directed less against referee Daniel Siebert, after a short consultation with his assistants, stayed at the decision, rather than against the video wizard Robert Kampka. Would have more need to intervene, said the Werder Coach. “I’m normally a big fan of video evidence, but with this penalty-whistle I could live better if it hadn’t been for the video referee,” said Kohfeldt.

Kovac: “As he has employed stupid”

Bayern were, since, by nature, a different opinion, probably lies in the nature of things. Coach Niko Kovac was after all: “If he can’t whistle, can’t we complain.” On the other hand: “The King is not alone. The elbow of Gebre Selassie was already there, he would have to leave it out.” And slid smugly afterwards: “he has done a bit stupid.”

Thomas Müller came to view the TV images at the same opinion as his coach. “It was a penalty. Kingsley Coman in any of the traps.

kng / DPA


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