In 2014, while they wander, backpack, in the streets of Cusco, Peru, Armand, Nicolas and Henri, all of 22 years of age, fall on sneakers, in canvas with motifs of the incas. In the next minute, the three childhood friends already know how they could mount a box to sell such shoes in France. It was then that Perús is born, with the ambition to offer sneakers that blend the authenticity of the traditions of peru and the streetwear stylish. The trio does not want to be limited to the creation of a brand, but also wishes to give a dimension of solidarity to their project. Their idea : fund a day of school for young children thanks to a pair of shoes purchased (75€ approximately).

To do this, they meet, therefore, the association Los Chicos de Cusco with whom they set up this program TwoShoesForSchool : school funded is that of San Jeronimo, a poor suburb of Cusco made up of 100 children aged 3 to 11 years.

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Several projects are also in the pipes, as the one of creating a college and a dormitory for the children in the most remote, but also to establish synergies between the production activity and the school program. Today, their sneakers are sold absolutely everywhere and have become the latest accessory to the mode that everyone is talking about. Since their inception, they have funded the equivalent of an academic year for 150 children in the suburbs of Cusco.

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Video produced by Paloma Moritz. Spicee for the Express.


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