27 October 1962: as almost started world war III

History 22/03/20 27 October 1962: as almost started a Third world war

It was kind of a fascinating political game of cat-and-mouse of the Soviet Union and the United States for a small island, the value of which is determined only by the preference of the leader of the socialist States of Nikita Khrushchev. He decided to show America her face “gruel” using young leader Fidel Castro.

in Cuba began the “gruel”

This “gruel” began with the coming to power of Fidel Castro, who was forced to look for reliable allies in the struggle against American imperialism. Far-sighted Fidel knew that he was not destined to stay long in his post, if he does not immediately find a reliable partner.

Fidel and Khrushchev became friends

for its part, the Soviets had to demonstrate their superiority over US. After Fidel announced to the world that he and his country took to the socialist road, the Soviet Union immediately rushed to his new friend on the other hand, military advisers, engineers and huge amount of weapons were sent by water route immediately. Nuclear weapons – medium-range missiles – was delivered to Cuba after Raul Castro, brother Fidel met with Nikita Khrushchev and convinced him that only a nuclear warhead to resist American expansion to the island.

Nuclear weapons aimed at America.

the Nuclear warheads on the island, Soviet ships were able to deliver unbeknownst to us intelligence. Also, the Soviet Union delivered to the island a few bombers capable of carrying deadly nuclear weapons. To the shores of America was 150 kilometers. Never in world practice there were cases when America has been so impressive danger. This fact so disturbed President Kennedy that he immediately demanded that fromSoviet leadership to remove the warheads from the island. What Nikita Khrushchev said that this is just the equipment for research purposes. Only when an American spy plane was able to take pictures, which was clearly visible new nuclear mines, Kennedy addressed the nation with a speech, where he said that Cuba discovered nuclear weapons, and America began a naval blockade of the island. Broke out the famous Cuban missile crisis, in which political passions have reached the highest limit. The Americans took Cuba in a hard blockade. Analogues of such a confrontation in international politics never was.

Black Friday

Its apogee the conflict has reached at the end of October, when several American planes to intimidate several times made the combat calls over Cuba is continually in the air up and spy planes. Will not suffer such a pitch that the Soviet captains gave the order to open fire on one of the planes.On 27 October he was shot down and the pilot killed. In response, Kennedy decided to inflict air strikes from the air and erase the rebellious island from the face of the earth. Everyone began to prepare for nuclear war, the residents of American cities urgently evacuated. Many analysts said later that even to be a little and would have started a nuclear world war. But Providence kept the parties from taking the fatal step. The Soviet Union has gone on relative concessions, when the Kremlin found out that the Americans have placed in Turkey nuclear missiles “Jupiter”. Rockets on one side of the light, helps to balance the fragile peace on the other, Western side of the world. Although Fidel Castro strongly objected to the removal of Soviet nuclear warheads, but Nikita Khrushchev did not even informed it, knowing the intransigence of the Cuban leader on this issue.

Submarines on guard Cuba

But the struggle is – visible and invisible – still continued. Soviet military advisers and some military units were in permanent readiness. About the island of Cuba appeared often Soviet submarines.

Oil and sugar

the Soviet Union actively helped Cuba not only weapons but also all kinds of other assistance – economic and cultural. Cuba agreed to supply sugar to the Soviet Union – it was one of the most important economic levers by which the economy of the young Republic was afloat. Oil reserves, supplied by American companies quickly dried up when the crisis began, and the company has interrupted all relations with the breakaway island. Then Fidel Castro again appealed for help to his big brother and oil, the Soviets began to deliver even beyond what could consume a small country. Soviet grain too, the river flowed to Cuba. In the world history of relations between countries such unprecedented forms of assistance were shown for the first time.

Gorbachev refused to help Fidel

the Soviet Union fought for Cuba for a dozen years, but it ended sadly with the collapse of a powerful ally: in 1991, Cuba had virtually ceased to see the huge types of assistance, which allowed it to keep its economy afloat. During the year, the small country was on the brink of a deep economic crisis, but still managed to survive, although Fidel Castro tried to establish a relationship with Mikhail Gorbachev. But nothing worked: the new the winds of perestroika, poluvsie in the 90-ies completely swept former partners – Advice sought powerful patrons and, in fact, Cuba was surrendered in favor of Pro-American policy pursued the Soviet leadership.

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