The main Soviet Afghan war heroes

History 22/03/20 Main Soviet Afghan war heroes

Afghanistan has always been a bleeding spot on the map of the Asian continent. First, Britain in the nineteenth century claimed influence over the territory, and then America and have connected their resources to in the twentieth century to confront the Soviet Union.

the First operation guards

In 1980 with the purpose of Stripping 200-mile territory from the rebels, Soviet troops conducted large-scale operation “Mountain-80”. Our border guards with the support of the Afghan intelligence KHAD (AGSA) and the Afghan police (Tsarandoy) during a rapid forced March took the desired area. Chief of operations – chief of staff of the Central Asian border district Colonel Valery Garichev – was able to foresee everything. The victory was on the side of the Soviet troops, who captured the main rebel Wahabu and established control in the zone width of 150 kilometers. Was equipped with new border crossings. During 1981-1986, the border guards conducted over 800 successful operations. The title of Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously received major Alexander Bogdanov. In mid-may 1984, he, once in the environment, came into hand to hand combat with the Mujahideen and killed in an unequal battle.

the Death of Valeria Uhabova

Colonel Valery Bumps were ordered to take a small foothold in the area of the defensive line in the rear of the enemy. The whole night a small group of guards held back the superior forces of the enemy. But reinforcements by morning, they never came. The scout sent with the report, fell into the hands of “spirits” and was killed. His body put on display. Valery Bumps, realizing that there is nowhere to retreat, made a desperate attempt to break out. And it was a success. But during the break, the Lieutenant Colonel was mortally wounded and died as he was carried in a canvas raincoat-tent saved them soldiers.

the Salang Pass

Through the pass the elevation 3878 meters passed the main road that the Soviet troops received fuel, ammunition, carrying the wounded and the dead. Just how dangerous was this route, says at least the fact that every passing driver was awarded the medal “For military merit”. The Mujahideen were constantly set up ambushes. It is especially dangerous to serve as a driver on the truck: one from the bullets instantly exploded the whole machine. In November 1986, the pass was a terrible tragedy: 176 soldiers suffocated from exhaust gases.

In Salange private soldier Maltsev has saved Afghan children

When Sergei Maltsev, the car has left the tunnel, his path was suddenly heavy car. It was full of bags, on top of them sat about 20 people adults and children. Sergey sharply turned the wheel the car at full speed crashed into a rock. He died. And a number of Afghan civilians survived. At the scene, the locals placed the Soviet soldier monument, which survived until now, followed by carefully tended for several generations.

Hero of the Soviet Union paratrooper was given a posthumous

Alexander Mironenko, who served in the parachute regiment, was ordered in charge of a group of three soldiers to conduct reconnaissance and provide cover for the helicopters carrying the wounded. After landing, they immediately began to move in a given direction. The second support group had followed them, but the gap between the fighters every minute increased. Suddenly came the order to withdraw. However, it was too late. Mironenko was surrounded, and together with three of his comrades were shot to the last bullet. When they found the Marines, saw a terrible picture: the soldiers were stripped naked and their bodies were pricked with knives.

And looked death in the face

Vasily Vasilyevich Shcherbakov carried only. Once in the mountains its Mi-8 helicopter came under fire from the spooks. In close gorge fast and maneuverable machine has become the hostage of narrow cliffs. There’s no turning back, and left and right – close gray walls a terrible stone magile. One solution is to pull the screw forward and wait for the bullets in “berry”. And spirits already saluted them all weapons of Soviet bombers. But they were able to escape. Miraculously managed to fly to your airfield the helicopter was like a grater. Only in the gear compartment has ten holes.

One day, flying over the mountains, the crew Shcherbakov felt a strong strike on the tail boom. Wingman flew up, but found nothing. Only after the landing Shcherbakov found that in one of the control cables of the tail rotor is only a few threads. Cost them to break off and vanish.

once exploring the narrow gorge by helicopter, Shcherbakov felt someone’s gaze. And froze. A few meters from the helicopter, on a narrow ledge of rock stood dushman and calmly aiming Shcherbakov in the head. It was so close that Vasily physically felt the cold muzzle of the gun near his temple. He waited relentless, inevitable shot at a time until the helicopter is too slow rose up. But the strange Highlander in a turban and not fired. Why? It remains a mystery. Scherbakov has received the star of Hero of the Soviet Union for the rescue of the crew of his friend.

Shcherbakov saved his friend

In Afghanistan, the Mi-8 helicopters have become the salvation for many of the Soviet soldiers coming to their aid at the last minute. Spooks in Afghanistan hated the helicopter fiercely. For example, the damaged car of the captain of the Oil they were cut with knives at the time, as the helicopter crew were shot and were preparing for death. But they were saved. Major Vasily Shcherbakov on your Mi-8 helicopter had covered them several times attacking the angry “spirits”. And then I came down and literally pulled himself wounded captain Coccygeal. Such cases in the war were many, and each of them is unexampled heroism, which is now the Statute of limitations began to forget.

Heroes are not forgotten

unfortunately, during Perestroika, the names of the real heroes of the war began to blacken. In the press there were publications about the atrocities of the Soviettheir soldiers. But time has put everything in its place. Heroes always remain heroes.

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