Not a mass phenomenon, but an impressive number: Since the Amendment of the nationality law ten years ago, more than 300 have Naturalized their German citizenship due to deception, bribery or false information and later lost again. The German press Agency learned from the Ministry of the interior.

Since February 2009, can be made naturalisation in the first five years to undo, if it turns out that the administrative act “have been obtained by deception, threat or bribery or by intentionally incorrect or incomplete information, which have been essential to its enactment,”. This applies even if the person does not thereby become stateless. The withdrawal of nationality has an impact on the Status of relatives, for this is a “discretionary decision”, also under consideration of the best interests of the child.

Federal Ministry of the interior intends to delay, prolong

The Federal Ministry of the interior will, at the latest, in early autumn, a draft for a Reform of the law. It provides for an extension of the deadline from five years to ten years.

the Ministry of the interior with the thrust identity deceiver should ten years Pass dpa

can Also lose periods of legal residence under a false identity in the future, not for the naturalisation required duration of the stay credited.

The survey of a working group of the conference of interior Ministers in the countries found more than 300 suspected cases, in which only after more than five years, that the Naturalized had made false statements about his identity. Not all countries had provided concrete Figures to the survey.

“The number of unreported cases is considered to be present as a high -”

According to the Federal Ministry of the interior, the authorities know most of the deception, because Naturalized seek after the expiry of the five years a correction of your identity-for example, documents for a marriage. Reported to have been in Bavaria since 2009, which entered into force Reform of the nationality act 85 of Naturalised expressed after the expiry of the period of a corresponding request. “The dark figure of undetected remaining identity deception, according to the assessment of some countries against this Background, as the highly regarded”, BelTA learned from the Federal Ministry of the interior.

The administrative court of Baden-Württemberg had been given instead of 2013, the lawsuit of a Pakistani nationals, who did not want to accept the withdrawal of his naturalisation. He had, in 1995, a request for asylum, as Afghan nationals issued. In 2004, he was naturalized under the wrong identity. In 2011, he applied to amend his particulars. The case was later the Federal administrative court in Leipzig, which also came to the conclusion that the naturalisation.

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