Tiny Houses – because you instinctively think of the United States, the home of the small houses on wheels. However, this model comes from Optinid from France. The company specializes in a special feature: their houses have a refined sliding mechanism, so that the roof can be slid over the bed aside.

The Masterbed is located in the attic of the house – as is the case with almost all Tiny Houses it has only a half-storey height. But it pushes the roof-to-side, you are looking directly at the stars. Anxiety is not likely to pay in the low roof of the chamber.

variant for vacationers

the model Of “head in the stars” – “La Tête dans les étoiles was Called”, it is a special version for rental to tourists, here the living room is greater than in the previous variants of the company. Up to four people. Anyone who plans romantic nights under the stars, should leave it better for two people.

“La Tête dans les étoiles” produces its own solar electricity and is 6.6 metres in length. It has the maximum permissible width of 2.55 meters, and measures four meters in height. The whole house rests on a two axle trailer. Typical for Europe is the low weight of 3.6 tonnes – so the house does not have to be moved by a tractor, you can pull it with a heavy off-roader.

Since it is not a stationary construction, it is possible to place it is also a landscape of outstanding places where you should not build.

Large living room

The special feature of the bedroom in the roof, which can only be on a ladder is reached, of course. The lack of a staircase to allow more room for the living room, there is a further sofa bed. This Second bed has, however, no particular romance factor. There is a simple kitchen. For vacationers, it is sufficient, for long-term residents a bit Spartan.

In comparison to a house, which is to be the whole year, has been omitted here also on storage space, to achieve a more generous impression in the interior. For this purpose, a separate room for bathroom and toilet. The shower measures even 80 times 80 centimeter, which corresponds to the standard size.

electric heating makes the cottage warm for use in Winter, it is not thought, however. On request, the model can be isolated, however, according to

source: Optinid


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