The dream of any narco is to bring high amounts of hashish from Morocco, you can sell it without problems to the client’s turn and to be able to bleach it without raising suspicion or end up arrested in the attempt. The 38 dealers of the operation Propeller believed to have reached that maximum; alijaban tonnes of hashish by the southern shores and washed their yields in the nearby colony of Gibraltar, where he was the leader of the band. Although, even that, they have been spared from ending up arrested.

The mafia had built a system of money-laundering hashish settled on the use of bank accounts, commercial establishments and even taxi licenses in the Rock to hide the illicit origin of their profits. So would have gotten washed “several million euros”. It is the hypothesis of the departing investigators of the Guardia Civil and the Royal Gibraltar Police, who stop to 29 spaniards in the provinces of Cadiz and Malaga, and nine citizens of Gibraltar, among whom was the leader of the organization.

The agents of the Commanders of Algeciras and Malaga were aware from the end of 2018 of the existence of a sophisticated mafia, which introduced “large quantities of hashish”, while being served by the enterprise system and finance of Gibraltar to hide his illegal activity. However, it has not been until the past October 22, when the operation ‘Helix’ -known as ‘Halogen’ in the Rock – led to the arrest of a good portion of the members of the mafia on both sides of the border.

Among the nine people arrested in the territory of gibraltar -five men and four women – was the capo of the band, of british nationality. All of them have been frozen for up to 14 bank accounts, in addition to intervenirles three taxi licenses, three commercial establishments, and three other residential properties, in virtue of an order issued by the Supreme Court of Gibraltar is based on the Law of Criminal Proceeds of the Rock. The high train of life of the british is also evident in part of the goods that were seized: nine cars, three yachts, three jet skis, cash and other items of value.


A judge of The Line it is enacted bail for The Chestnut, the kings of hashish in Cadiz A narco is conned, kidnapped and arrested in less than 24 hours, Half a hundred detainees in an operation against the trafficking of people and drugs in Andalusia

In total, the international operation has ended also the confiscation of 3.6 tons of hashish, seven boats, 19 vehicles -three of them from robberies, to 380,000 euros in cash and more than 400 drums of gasoline to supply the usual narcolanchas. It is the final balance of the nine records that were practiced in Gibraltar, together with the 16 others that have had to be made in warehouses and dwellings, both of the Field of Gibraltar as Malaga.

Although the procedural status current of the detained spaniards has not transpired, the Royal Gibraltar Police has said that the nine gibraltarians have already been released. Its output of pre-trial detention has been possible after paying a bail of 10,000 pounds each. The nine investigated will have to appear before the police station of Gibraltar in April 2023. Meanwhile, the agents on both sides of the border do not rule out “more police actions shortly,” because the investigation remains open.

This operation is part of the Special Security Plan of the Campo de Gibraltar launched by the Ministry of the Interior from the summer of 2018, and has dramatically decreased the power that the narco had in the area. In its first year of operation, the deployment of means and agents as sum 4.852 arrests and 149 tons of drugs seized. All in all, associations, drug control and judicial sources have warned of the need to complete the plan with social, economic and educational that prevent the creation of lost generations for the drug.


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