5 most terrible of volcanoes on Earth

Nature 26/01/20/f 20125 the most terrible of volcanoes on Earth

more Terrible world war to modern human civilization can only be a huge natural disaster. For example, the eruption of the volcano. Once in a similar way after the eruption of Vesuvius have been wiped off the face of the Earth the famous Pompeii. The question is, who’s next?

Tokyo is in danger

In constant danger, trying to hope for the best, living the last several months, the residents of Tokyo. The fact that according to the forecasts of scientists mount Fuji is located 100 kilometers from the city is a powerful sleeping volcano, ready to Wake up any minute. The last time this unfortunate event occurred in 1707. Then the city covered in 15 centimeters of ash, and the dead counted more than five thousand people. How many victims can be today, in the area of mount Fuji is surrounded by many large industrial enterprises is not known. At the same time, scientists are constantly registering tremors, say that the volcano is about to Wake up and the eruption is not far off. The situation is alarming, because in recent months, the pressure of the magma in the crater of the volcano more than it was during the last eruption. It is terrible to imagine what will happen when tons of fiery lava from the crater of Fuji will fall on the capital of Japan.

America is on fire

At the same time, without underestimating the danger, the possible tragedy in Japan, it should be noted that it threatens only one, albeit large city on Earth. Quite another thing is Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO in the territory of the United States. Its explosion is much more dangerous. The fact that the natural disaster in Yellowstone national Park will immediately turn into a failure in the fiery ocean, vast areas of the country, and along the beds of the rivers instead of water will flow to the fiery lava. It flows scientists will destroy up to 30% of the continent. The most unpleasant is that the explosion of the Yellowstone “from day to day” waiting in the US for several years, and the danger of explosion from year to year only increases. In the summer of 2017 earthquakes in the Park were so frequent and disturbing (it was recorded 464 push) that a state University in Utah released on this occasion a special statement. Tourists to Yellowstone national Park are suspended and the danger of impending tragedy, the population of the country warned the national Geological service of the USA. At the same time, despite the fact that the exact date of the explosion of the Yellowstone, the scientists can not name, their fears grow exponentially.

Bali: ashes for the tourist

The amazing thing is that sometimes a natural disaster is detrimental to one area, able to help humanity with the solution of other environmental problems. In November 2017, the climatologists on the planet, said that within five years expect the eruption of mount Agung in Bali. Scientists estimate that emissions of ash and other volcanic particles will be so powerful that within five years will significantly lower the average temperature around the globe, stopping at the time of global warming, so disturbing the leadership of the largest countries in the world. That the eruption occurs, there is no doubt, as already today the cloud wastes of the volcano rises above its crater to a height of seven miles.

Italy: runaway volcano

However, all the above volcanoes erupt often, and the place of the tragedy known in advance. More difficult is the case with the volcano on the territory of Sicily. Etna erupts quite frequently, bringing considerable trouble to the local residents. Recently, however, the volcano decided to make impermissible a walk. According to geologists from the University of Walton Hall in the UK, Etna moves out into the Mediterranean sea at a speed of 14 mm per year. It would seem that the distance is negligible and is not able to significantly affect the Geology of the region. Alas, it is ne so. From this movement a portion of the walls of the volcano covered with cracks. One of them could collapse, causing a massive, uncontrolled eruption that could lead to unpredictable consequences in the Mediterranean region.

the Blow out of the water

At the same time, the greatest concern of scientists around the world causes an underwater volcano near the Japanese island of Kyushu. One of its eruptions occurred 7300 years ago tossed in the ocean a 500 cubic kilometers of magma. During a natural disaster killed almost all the population of this region. In our days by geologists at the bottom of the sea was discovered a dome of viscous magma with a width of 10 km at an altitude of 600 kilometers. The eruption of an underwater volcano in this location is projected in the next 100 years. The victims of the tragedy can be up to 110 million people living in China, Taiwan and South America. Moreover, the date of the eruption, as in the previous cases, unpredictable. It can occur with equal probability in a year, and at the end of the century.

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