Another 24/02/20 “mabuta” suit: why in the Russian army, the so-called infantry

the Etymology of this term includes several meanings, and are not identical in meaning. The designation “mabuti” the Russian infantry is only one of the linguistic definitions of the words.

Form commandos

Russian scientists and linguists have not given a detailed explanation of the origin of this term and the history of the emergence of the inflectional forms. The Creator of the largest electronic dictionary of synonyms of the Russian language (it has more than 300 thousand words and more than a million synonyms) Vitaly Trishin value “mabuta” defines as: 1) uniform (in the sense of clothing); 2) servicemen. This Trishin and limited to, the terminological meaning of the definitions did not disclose.

“Mabuti” (and “Priekuli”, “Pesochnoe”) called the form of the GRU special forces who fought in the 80-ies in Afghanistan. The first “mabuta” appeared in the early 70-ies, the costumes were made for both summer and winter uniforms. Epaulets and other insignia on the “Mabuchi” was not a color – protective, pexeva fabric had a waterproof coating.

There is a version that the etymological meaning of the term “mabuta” directly connected with the participation of Soviet troops in the fighting in the peacekeeping mission in Congo (70- 90 years): the alleged “mabuta” (“mabudachi”) our soldiers disparagingly called ill-prepared militarily Pro-us fighters configured connections supported by the President of the Republic of the Congo Mobutu Sese Seko.

According to another hypothesis, the Congo was first used by a new field uniform of special forces of the GRU, which later got its name on behalf of the head of state in Africa.

Manifestation of chauvinism landing?

In folklore airborne there is mention of the “mabuta” as the representatives of other genera of troops (except Marines, commandos and unitsdivisions of the GRU) – according to troopers, the one who didn’t jump with a parachute, the “mabuta”. There is the term “landing chauvinism”, which is in particular examined the veteran of the airborne forces and now a writer Uladzimir Asipenka (it has the same name story). Landing chauvinism – it is a sort of corporate ideology, extolling service in the airborne troops and forming a dismissive attitude to other army units whose representatives allegedly defective in comparison with the paratroopers. An example of folklore airborne: “mabuta” suit jumps with ZIL, and the landing forces with Eli”.

as part of the gsvg in German Juterborg to 80 years was located in the 17-th separate tank battalion, nicknamed “Mabuti” (it’s slang name is still found on forums and social networks, which communicate with colleagues OTB). Among the units of the group of Soviet forces in Germany had a lot landing. Perhaps paratroopers and tank crews nicknamed the “mabuta”.

In the book Julian CULVER, “We are from battalion” “mabuta” suit – a soldier of the military construction parts (in the text referred to as the “drunk mabuta”, “black mabuta”). A broader interpretation of the term “mabuta” is used to describe sloppy, disorganized soldiers.

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