the investigation into The murder twenty months of the councilor brazilian Marielle Franco, which has become a symbol of the left in brazil, has come out of the lethargy this week with a electroshock. The news that a porter of the urbanization where Jair Bolsonaro lived before moving to Brasilia mentioned to the president in connection with the crime during police interrogation has returned the case to the present. The revelation monopolized the debate for a few hours but the next day the Prosecutor’s office raised doubts about the testimony. This is the dynamic of a research which is corrupt, according to the former attorney general of the State. The case is riddled with gaps, including serious irregularities as a commissioner who tried to incriminate a council member with a false confession, and is still surrounded by a torrent of information, often conflicting or confusing, that sow new doubts about who commissioned the killing.

“598 days. Quem mandou kill Marielle? E por quê?” Has tuiteado this Saturday morning Eliane Brum as it comes doing on a daily basis. The columnist of this newspaper pointed out as a litany to the two main unknowns of a case, whose background is appearing on the called militias, criminal groups formed by expolicías that control various areas of Rio de Janeiro. Suspicions of links of the Bolsonaro with that world, come from far away because the clan has dedicated a good part of their political careers to defend the corporate interests of the agents of the security forces. From months ago it is known that Bolsonaro was a neighbor of the alleged shooter, who has a photo with the second suspect… Franco embodied another universe. It was a black maid in a favela, a mother, a bisexual, and a star emerging in the Party of Socialism and Freedom.

The channel Balloon opened with the exclusive the newscast with the largest audience in Brazil on Tuesday night. The protagonist was the president and the date of the murder. A doorman told police that the march 14, 2018, the former military Elcio Queiroz, now in prison, arrived by car to the estate, said that he was going to the house 58 (of Bolsonaro), and a man who introduced himself as Jair authorized from the floor to your input… but the suspect was in contrast to the house of the alleged killer, Ronnie Lessa. The police believe that shortly after they went out to commit the crime.

A very altered Bolsonaro denied the allegations immediately in a video shot in the middle of the night in Saudi Arabia, where he was on official travel. It is proven that the day that the councilor and his driver were killed, the then deputy was in Brasilia because they voted in the Chamber. The president has said on Saturday that took the recordings of the goal to avoid being adulterated, without giving more details. Just added: “The voice is not mine”. The prosecution raised doubts about the information Balloon to reveal that the statement of the goalkeeper does not match with the recordings of la garita, which would indicate that it was Lessa authorized the entry.

The research continues in secret, in the hands of the police in Rio, despite the serious irregularities reported by the general prosecutor Raquel Dodge on his last day in office, last September. In the document that calls for the federalization of the case, Dodge charts a grim scenario of the situation in the city. He argues that the state police is polluted and in the document there are “several references to the Office of the Crime (the criminal group suspected of murdering Franco and his driver), the militia scattered over the city, their murders of payment, involvement of the police or ex-police officers, in a scenario of total impunity” that, according to her, “not even the federal intervention in the state of Rio in 2018 could reverse”.

Among the reasons to accuse him of obstruction to the current charge of the research, highlights one iconic. The commissioner whose research pointed first at Lessa and Queiroz proposed a militiaman jailed confess that a councillor had commissioned him to kill Franco. To the negative, we made a counter-proposal. If he admitted that the councilman had probed to commit the crime, the commissioner will assure him that I would not go to court for a pre-charging of murder.

The previous attorney-general, requested in September that Domingos Brazão, a former member of the legislative Assembly of Rio, is investigated as an architect intellectual of the murder in addition to accusing him of obstructing the investigation. But just this week the tax of River, responsible for the case Marielle stated that “no concrete evidence” of the involvement of Brazão.The latest news is that this Friday one of the prosecutors has been removed from the investigation after The Intercept, Brazil revealed that it was an active bolsonarista and that she posed in a photo with a local politician who destroyed a plaque in memory of Franco.

The expolicias Lessa and Queiroz are incarcerated. Four relatives of theirs were accused recently of to get rid of the weapon in a crime, which from the beginning was considered carried out by a professional and custom-made. But as you say the left in brazil, Marielle is present. And his murder casts a huge shadow over the police, courts, and politics in brazil.


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