Munich – compared To the Offices they pretended to be destitute. But in truth, Heidemarie A. (67) lived for many years on a large foot, earned money as a diamond dealer. In Solln, the learned gold had a blacksmith, even a luxury apartment rented and cashed in while its still around 900 Euro support monthly from the state.

A blatant case of welfare fraud! Yesterday, the diamond lady, therefore, before the court. According to the charge they had received since February 2011, social aid until January 2016, a total of 60.495,12 Euro. The state Heidemarie had deceived A. but on their financial circumstances. Because they also sold fine diamonds for thousands of dollars. Just by chance, she caught the attention of the police…

the social fraud of the 67-Year-old from Munich, Germany

officials had Calculated, actually, in another case: A friend of Heidemarie A. was the victim of a crime – thieves stole your diamonds at a value of around 1.1 million Euro. Because the damage was so enormous, considered the police the circle of acquaintances of the victim – and soon came across on Heather, Marie A.

An investigator: “We interrogated her as a witness in the case, because they had already become more noticeable, among other things, because they melted down the jewelry and had comprehended.” And this track proved to be right: In March 2016, and searched the officers to the apartment of the goldsmith – and were taken aback. “The furniture and furnishings were of a very high quality. Your Lifestyle is significantly above your Budget.“

Therefore, the tax police came on and checked all three accounts of Heide Marie A. “It was noted that there are substantial differences,” says the investigator: “The defendant was by no means destitute.” Because multiple large cash deposits to their accounts – presumably from the jewelry sales. “In everyday life, you has paid for everything in cash. Purchases or Restaurant visits went never from the account.“ So, Heidemarie A. was trying to fool the state – and suffered five years of social security benefits.

85.000 Euro, received the impostor

A Jobvermittlerin: “We have paid out a total of 85,000 euros.” The fraud Heidemarie A. admitted yesterday – and received in return, a paltry punishment: two years probation, although she had a criminal record. “By your confession you are saved us an extensive hearing of evidence,” justified district court judge Joseph Bonkamp his judgment against the serial cheater.

their actions kept the public Prosecutor’s office for “particularly serious”. Only an hour the process took. Afterwards, Heidemarie A. was allowed to go smiling home.

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