Freyung – Scary moments on the B12! It is a Video, which makes stunned: A Dashcam in a Truck Cab, had on 22. January a reckless Overtaking maneuver by a Czech truck filmed driver. On the Facebook page “Mr. German truck” was the Video viral, has already made over 60,000 calls. Also on other Facebook pages emerged.

Freyung: Truck wants to overtake on the B12, although the road is again single-line

In the Video is a road section of the B12 in the (County Freyung-Grafenau). The roadway will be expanded momentarily in the direction of travel of the truck on two tracks, until it is again led to a single track. Exactly in this Moment, however, want to overtake a Truck driver still and just roars with happiness not frontally into the oncoming traffic. A Bus comes to the trucks, then a column of cars – only a wafer-thin, the truck can swivel in time to the right in his lane. A collision would have been devastating.

charges against the Truck driver should be “Attempted murder”

Now the risky maneuver has serious consequences for the 52-year-old driver from the Czech Republic. As the Passauer Neue Presse reports, he should be quickly arrested in his home country, the Passau senior Prosecutor Walter Feiler informed on request. There is now a European arrest warrant, the Suspect is to be taken in custody until it comes to a process. The prosecution wants to accuse him of, according to the current status of “attempted murder with a dangerous means,” said Feiler of the PNP.

Here you can see the Video of the daring overtaking maneuver:

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