History 27/02/20 “6th army I never commanded”: as field Marshal Paulus was captured

the History of any war is always two different views on the conduct of hostilities: generals playing war in the cards for staff and soldiers, who have to die in the trenches, implementing a strategy plan in life. The great Patriotic war was no exception, proving to the soldiers and officers of the 6th army of Paulus the hopelessness of Hitler’s adventures.

From Brest to Stalingrad

the Story of the sixth army under the command of field Marshal Friedrich Paulus is well known. Invading the USSR in 1941, she reached the battles of Stalingrad. But during one of the largest battles of the great Patriotic war, was completely defeated, and its leaders surrendered. Preserved memories of the intelligence officer of the VIII army corps 6th army Joachim Wieder, which claimed that he was just pissed speech by Goering on the ten-year anniversary of the Third Reich, which he heard on the radio. Reichsmarschall solemnly declared that the soldiers and officers of the 6th army, like the Nibelungs, die in the fiery Palace of Stalingrad, quenching his thirst with his own blood. At this point, the officers of the army of Paulus, it became very clear where to get help. If they don’t, it will forever remain in the basements of Stalingrad. It was decided to surrender. After been thrown the white flag, Soviet officers entered the basement of a Department store where I was hiding Paulus with his staff. Them in the nose immediately struck a sharp odor. It was clear that the Germans a few days out on the street, celebrating our need here in the basement. Paulus lay on the dirty couch. At the sight of Soviet officers, he rose and said quietly: “I want to come here, the headquarters of your front, the 6th army, I’m no longer in command”. These words were the last in the service of the military machine of the Third Reich. However, the participation of feldmarshalLa in the great Patriotic war is not over, frodolives “on the other side of the fence.”

the Stalinist agitator

In Germany, the defeat of the army of Paulus had perceived as a national tragedy. The military realized that the war came a radical change. However, to tell the Fuhrer, no one dared. In the country the only time during the war had been declared state mourning. Under sounds of solemn March into the land went empty coffin symbolizing the funeral of field Marshal Paulus, as was believed, perished at Stalingrad. However, at this time alive and perfectly healthy General was delivered to the farm Zavarykina, under the protection of a battalion of the NKVD. It is noteworthy that barely Paulus met with the head of the Stalingrad NKVD Alexander Voronin, as then brazenly demanded of himself and officers of his staff conditions, which was comparable to the sanatorium, including not one but two breakfasts, and wine. This Soviet officer, laughed, and encouraged Paulus to get used to vodka. Over time, the field Marshal put up with the status and diet of a prisoner of war, by 1944, agreeing to cooperate with the Soviet authorities. After Paulus Soviet intelligence gave the letters of his wife, secretly imported from Germany, field Marshal August 8, 1944, read out his appeal to the German people. In this senior military commander called the German people to renounce Hitler and to save his country by ending the senseless war. In Berlin, his words caused a fierce anger. But it was too late. The field Marshal finally changed his attitude to the Third Reich and its leaders. At the Nuremberg trials Paulus testified in favor of the USSR. The field Marshal died in his bed at the age of 66 years in the GDR after repatriation from the Soviet Union.

Dmitry Sokolov

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