What was invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov, in addition to the machine

12/02/20 weapon That was invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov, in addition to the machine

World-famous designer Mikhail Kalashnikov is best known as the Creator of the world’s most popular machine. However, this is not the first and not the last of his offspring.

little-known development of the gunsmith

According to military historian and researcher of small arms Andrei Ulanov, Kalashnikov, most likely, he had a low opinion of his first inventions, since the memoir is not told in detail about their design, testing and practical application. According to Kalashnikov, before beginning work on the project of the future AK-47, during his service in the army (30 years of the twentieth century), he created a device for firing from a pistol from a tank turret, gun inertial counter shots and the device to account for the service life of the tank.

Historians have been able to find only the documentation for the counter service life (“combined instrument of comrade Kalashnikov”), which is stored in the Russian state military archive. The device, made by 20-year-old Mikhail Kalashnikov on his knee literally consisted of clocks-alarm, solenoid (its mechanism to regulate the mode of the counter: “load” or “without load”), tachometer and timer to count the time of operation of the motor.

Experienced counter at the end of 1940 on the Cuban ground. The device is hooked up to a tractor engine that was used crawler SHTZ-NATI. The engine with which the counter was associated 2.5-meter cable, tachometer, worked 9.5 hours. Relay switch to different modes closed manually. However, the counter load without errors, fixing the exact time of the engine without load and with load. However, the prototype has revealed many shortcomings. Although despite this, it is going to be improved in the light of comments made and to start production. However, this decision was adopted on 24 June 1941. The war began and the project folded. Nothing is known about the practical use of the remaining pre-war invention of Mikhail Kalashnikov, he himself about this in his memoirs is not mentioned.

In the gun no time left

an Automatic gun Kalashnikov (AIC) of the sample in 1950 to compete with analogue designer Igor Stechkin, who eventually was adopted. Empty APK was heavier than APS 250 g, with two-row store “Stechkin” was on two rounds more. In the trigger mechanism of APS in contrast to the APK for the possibility of slowing down the rate of fire.

In the field tests APK was not involved, so to judge its firepower and combat effectiveness can not, it and remained a prototype. Historians agree that Mikhail Kalashnikov just not enough time and energy for improvement of agriculture, as had all the energy to direct the creation of long-barreled automatic weapons.

a Family of machine guns

the Design Bureau under the leadership of Mikhail Kalashnikov in the 50-70 years of the twentieth century has produced about a dozen samples of machine guns and their modifications, including tank (FCT) and armoured personnel carriers (PCB).

the First Kalashnikov machine gun (PKK) was adopted in the Soviet army in 1961. As stated in a Large military encyclopedia, the PKK few technical differences from the AKM (Kalashnikov assault rifle modified) on the basis of which it was designed. From Kalashnikov machine gun long barrel – 591 cm (the AKM – 415 cm), it is weightier and features an under-barrel folding bipod and a reinforced receiver, the shape of his butt changed (from landing variant of the RPK-With butt folded).

Universal and common to the Soviet army machine gun (PK), designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov and who won in the contest of arms was also adopted in 1961. 8 years later upgraded to a PC with an easier universal machine, light weight and improved parts replaced its predecessor, enrolling in the army. Infantry, tank and bronetransporternym modification PC, in addition to Russia, are used in more than 40 countries. The tank variant machine gun (PKT) if necessary, in the field changeover in the infantry. Easel modification PC equipped with a universal machine-a tripod with a rod adapter for firing at air targets. Universal machine gun can be equipped with optical or night sight.

the Failure to JMC

In 1959, Kalashnikov sniper rifle (SVK) lost in the competition of SVD – the Dragunov. Two versions of the ICS was polupoltina and pistol grip, in fact the rifle was a large version of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, which was modified under a more powerful cartridge. Replaceable box magazine SVK had a capacity of 10 rounds. Weight and dimensions of the sniper rifle Kalashnikov SVD was superior, but lost her on the accuracy of fire.

“saiga” and “Vepr”

According to the Museum and exhibition complex of small arms named after M. T. Kalashnikov, the family of self-loading hunting carbines “saiga” and “Vepr” began to produce on an industrial scale in the early 1990-ies. On projects samples of civilian weapons worked entire teams of designers, they are used for the development of the device AK-47 (for “Antelope”) and the PKK (for “Boar”). Mikhail Kalashnikov in his memoirs “Notes of the designer-gunsmith” about these rifles is not mentioned at all, while in many sources the authorship of the “Saiga” are attributed to him.

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