7 patients with COVID-19 died in Moscow for the day

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”

the day died in Moscow seven patients with confirmed coronavirus, reports Oberstab.

On the death of four people diagnosed with the coronavirus infection became known yesterday. At the moment it is reported about the three who died.

it is Known that range in age from 53 to 80 years. They all had concomitant diseases. In addition to the confirmed pneumonia they had identified chronic bronchitis, cervical cancer, hypertension.

In recent days in Russia confirmed 582 new cases of infection COVID-19 in 32 regions of the country. The total amount recovered amounted to 333 people.

In Moscow, there were 434 confirmed new cases infected with coronavirus. The majority of the diseased – people from 18 to 45 years.

a day in the capital of the coronavirus fell ill 434

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