The evening began with the Wombi let me persuade you, “Dirty Dancing”, the look of the Original. “If I was doing you a pleasure,” she moaned theatrically and settled beside me on the Couch to fall. When Patrick Swayze first came into the picture, I sighed wistfully. “You like?” asked the Wombi, “has, however, total six pack of bacon.” I tweaked the eyes and focused on johnny’s Tummy, but could not see anything that was absolutely fantastic. “What do you mean?” I asked the Wombi. “Look,” she said, scooping up her T-Shirt in the height, “underneath the abdominal muscles are theoretically”. She pressed a Finger into her belly. “Your Dirty-Dancing-guy has only trained superficial. The deep-seated of bacon he didn’t get.” I couldn’t follow it. Patrick Swayze is a dance God was in “Dirty Dancing”. Sensitive, strong, sexy, passionate. “He looks great,” I said. “If you mean,” grumbled the Wombi and yawned, “tastes differ.” She moved here about the hairstyle and the Make-Up by Jennifer Grey, and when I arrived at “the Time of Your Life” the tears, brought you a piece of me. “I’ve seen the movie certainly twenty Times”, and sniffed me. “Oh, God,” was her comment. I dried my eyes.

Christiane Tauzher: The Pubertäterin

Since puberty, our daughter, the mosquito, shortly after her 13. Birthday in your violence, we keep the Windows closed so the neighbors call the police. The Pubertäterin is not loud and unpredictable, when she sleeps, just like a Wombat, or eat – what you do for luck often.

The stories I tell – a journalist, 41, from Vienna, married to Olaf, a 46 – here, not act, of course, the Pubertäterin in my family. No. They come from my thriving imagination or come from other families. There, it is arg in the other families … 😉

“So,” I said, “so you can see what your mom is a cool chick, can You look now with your IBES.” The Wombi knew surprisingly nothing about the jungle camp and let me in the short version to explain what it is.

“That’s pretty bizarre,” said I, “but also funny, sometimes sad. Well, take a look for yourself.”

“Who are these people?”, the Wombi asked after five minutes. “Uh”, I confessed, “I know.” Wombi: “We have to look to some people as they sit around a campfire and get bored. Is that all?” I put in ten minutes of the first jungle test. A Gisele had to crawl in a sort of channel system, with nasty animals and collect stars. The Wombi made big eyes. “Why’s that? This is not normal.” Gisele screeched around, while the presenters Sonja and Daniel commented on the whining funny. “And who are the two idiots?” the Wombi asked, as to waving the camera, Gisele, Sonja, and Daniel. “Well, those are the moderators. The say funny things, to the Whole loosen up. “I can see that myself,” keifte me the Wombi. Gisele took a five-star, and had been thrown in front of the feet.

C. Tauzher: The Pubertäterin wine tasting in the nursery – “but I’ve only had one SIP, mom. Hicks!”

Sonja said something that was overcome by fear. Gisele said, to be proud of. The Wombi said: “I can do all of this.” Then she stood up and planted himself in front of me. “Are you Serious?”, she asked. “Why are you watching this crap?” Olaf just came around the corner: “Your mother looks the since years.” Oh, God. Why did he do this to me. Horrified to the Wombi wanted to know if the voice. Olaf was stuck in the door frame, in order to hear my answer. “I have previously written about it,” I said, “So sometimes I have written about it … This Format is a phenomenon. It is the people pulls magnetically. A bit like a modern-day Gladiator fight.” I talked myself around the head and neck. “A Gladiator Fight?”, back to the Wombi repeated, “snatched the plastic star from worms. Since no lion is coming around the corner.”

and More of Christiane Tauzher

“I’ll say it now for the very last Time! Stories from the nearly perfect life of a mother”, by Christiane Tauzher, Goldegg Verlag, 14,95 Euro

“I’ll write about it in my next column,” I said and nodded in the affirmative. Thankfully, a commercial break was just. I couldn’t miss. The Wombi after drilled. “The the star have told you so that You will have to write about this nonsense?” I nodded, now very, very hard. “This is really so bad,” she said. The Pause came to an end.

“I’d rather go read something,” said the Wombi. “Maybe I even learn something for school, so I don’t have later a job that consists of about worms to share with TV.” I said that I would find the smart.

As she slammed her room door at the top, I got from a hiding place a pack of Chips. Olaf sat next to me, asked who are “the people in the jungle camp” and reached into the bag. I pulled her away. “Think of your six-pack-bacon,” I said, “and now leave me in peace research.”


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