From the bed to the Desk, it is for the 13-year-old Tom from Hanover is just a few steps, in seconds, the Laptop is ready, then he sits across from his teacher via Skype. The student is taught how every Time Christian Wiensgol, sitting at his workplace in Bochum. At the same time, his colleague Franziska Blume talks on Skype with the twelve-year-old Elias, is in Konz, near Trier at home. In the single Internet-only school of this kind in Germany, there are no classes, no school-Gong, not a Playground. Everything runs online. The children’s room instead of the classroom.

Many, learn here, have been made through a lot – bullying, violence, emotional injury. Mental or physical illness will make you a regular school attendance impossible. Boys and girls with chronic school anxiety. Dropping out of school, the sat without any teaching at home, as the head of the Web individual school, Sarah Lichtenberger, told. “Many have a traumatic, disastrous school career. We must lift them up, first gently, her self-confidence spice it up.”

Tom had to go four times to the school

Tom is punctual online. History. “The peasant uprisings are, and have already edited everything.” With three and a half, he was able to read the documents of the teachers in the kindergarten.


The 13-year-old Tom from Hannover is via Skype from his teacher Christian Wiensgol


“Since I was five, I read the newspaper. Actually, I should come up with five already in the second grade, but the school management was against it,” says the 13-Year-old, who has Asperger’s syndrome, a variant of autism. “I have always bored me insane. I was ostracized, bullied, even for hours at a lantern tied up and worse.”

for Two months, Tom was in a psychiatric facility. For a year he attended the Web school, works well, has a refreshing sense of Humor, ventured out recently on a Comedy stage, written a Satire magazine. “I was previously at four schools and had no lessons. Here’s me very well. Each subject is aligned to my knowledge.”

Many of them have a “terrible school Odyssey,”

Just now, it was still the Inquisition, and Tom and his teacher are math variables jumped. In another room, Mrs flower, to chat with Elias. “Franzi, what are we doing today?” the Boy, the favourite planet asks – what is allowed then for the first time.


Elias talks on Skype with his dog on the lap, on the other hand, a teacher Franziska flower


“I can’t classify so well in large classes, I’m always so jittery, and then I’ll angemotzt,” says Elias disappears briefly and comes back with his dog.

Due to an auditory perception disorder, the Boy was not born in the normal teaching clear, he says, “a horrible school Odyssey” behind, flower. He sat still very hard to learn but at least daily. Elias’ mother, Beate criticized: “Many children can start with today’s school system and the large classes, nothing. It is expected that you sit still all day, although the brain needs exercise.” The policy must invest more in education and teachers. “The talents and resources of the children.”

Tom and Bill Kaulitz were via Skype

to inform The Web individual school is only open to children who are permanently sick or from various other reasons, by the opinion of the school is exempt. So there are prominent young stars with tight schedules among the graduates, in 2008, Bill and Tom Kaulitz of the Band Tokio Hotel. Currently, young athletes or actors are also some of the students after the Competition, or turn to their teaching. Fixed school holidays are not provided, only on Christmas.

Every teacher to 17 social workers, educators, psychologists – taught successively several students, a maximum of 15 boys and girls. The daily topics are discussed, learning materials downloaded, the students send their edited tasks via e-Mail. Each teacher teaches all subjects, except chemistry, physics, and Religion. Sport is not about. Each individual student has his own program. First of all, it means you Motivation to awaken, develop trust, get to know each other, patience to prove it.

What is the cost of the Internet school in Bochum?

in 2018, nearly 100 growing here. Here, too, with a special feature: Since the device is not recognised by the state, prepares you for the main or high-school diploma only, the tests must be stored externally in cooperation schools.


headmistress Sarah Lichtenberger


“have so Far completed all of the 420 students in their exams,” says school Director Lichtenberger. Some of them can be re-integrated into mainstream schools “re -” – in the Transition accompanied by the Bochum teachers.

The waiting list is long. Especially since the inclusion commit to the mainstream schools, which not works in the practice, all too often, says Lichtenberger. The Webschule cost in the month of 830 Euro in 80 percent of cases, paid for by youth welfare offices. Homeschooling “per se” is not the right way to find Lichtenberger. “The children should go to mainstream schools. But if you can’t find your place, outsider to stay, Horrible experience, health, and emotional Well-being is about the compulsory education.”


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