Potsdam (dpa/tmn) – Airline bankruptcies, confusing fares, hidden costs for baggage: those Who book today a flight, you can do pretty much wrong. In the worst case, the entire holiday falls into the water.

But also exorbitant extra fees for a case can tarnish the mood sensitive. What travelers when booking a flight, a check list:

1. Package or individual booking?

Comes in a package tour, the airline broke, takes care of the tour operators for the tourists in order for alternative transportation at no extra cost. Those who book the flight, for example, on the Website of the Airline individually, according to a bankruptcy often a worthless Ticket in Hand – and gets his money back. At the recent Germania-Broke this relates to about 260,000 flight bookings.

Already, the bankruptcy of Air Berlin has led to traveller’s painfully clear that your angezahltes money is not secured. The German travel Association is calling for an insolvency insurance for Airlines. However, whether this comes from is questionable. “If you want safety, is the package better,” says Sabine Fischer-people of the Verbraucherzentrale Brandenburg. “Because the organizers need to find a different service provider and also to make”, explains the lawyer, and travel law expert.

2. A comparison portal or the Airline’s Website?

Not everyone wants to book a package tour. And the prices of cheap flights are often attractive. If you search for a flight, without the organizer package, is faced with the question: Where to book? Comparison websites and flight search engines on the Internet provide the advantage that the airlines and prices easy to compare. Nevertheless, the Stiftung Warentest and the consumer advocate, fisherman advise people to book flights directly on the Airline’s Website.

After the experience of the tester Postings on portals are often non-transparent. The tip: tourists should first check on the portals which Airlines fly on the Route inexpensive – and then the airline to book.

3. Is the checked-in baggage included?

most of The passengers book a basic Economy flight ticket. Today, however, the rates in the same booking class is divided into different variants – the services included differ. Lufthansa, for example, has European flights, three Economy fares on offer: Light, Classic, and Flex. A three-tier System in the Eco is also the case with other Premium airlines increasingly.

In the case of Economy Light and Economy Basic is usually the cheapest Fare. Only hand Luggage included, checked baggage and a seat reservation costs extra.

4. Luggage extra book?

Who has chosen the Economy-full fare, no other thoughts. The large suitcase with flies in vain, the seat is selected during Online Check-in for free. But there is a way: the cheap Light Fare and book baggage at an extra charge of book. Depending on the flight distance, especially for routes within Europe can be cheaper than the standard tariff.

Anders, in turn, it looks at long-haul route on which the Airlines are now also hand-baggage-rates. If you book here, the suitcase extra, pays vigorous plan: usually between 40 and 70 Euro will be due in – per track. This has determined the magazine “travel & prices” (output 1/2019). Conclusion: air fares ‘hand Luggage only’ route is not worth it on the long. Important: those Who choose the Light rate, you should add the extra Luggage surcharge at the time of booking of the Tickets. This is cheaper than the case it is subsequently online to register.

5. How big is the hand Luggage?

Who flies cheap with hand baggage only, you must also be careful. The terms and conditions of the Airlines for the transportation of Trolleys, handbags and backpacks in the cabin are different. While most of the Premium carriers allow a large piece of hand Luggage and a small bag, for example, in the case of Easyjet, only one piece of hand Luggage free of charge. A larger Trolley can give up passengers for a fee.

Even more radical Ryanair: The Irish allow without extra charge recently, only a small bag that fits under the seat in front of you. Who wants to take a Trolley or a larger backpack in the cabin, you must book either Priority Boarding and Luggage give in. Both cost extra.

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