Tórshavn (dpa/tmn) – The Faroe Islands closing weekend of their main attractions for tourists. From the 26. to 28. April can be created, for example, new trails and signs set up, and how to Visit Faroe Islands.

The project aims to draw attention to the importance of a sustainable handling of nature. The weekend tourists are invited to help with the Work.

Previously had communicated to the German PR-representation of the tourism office, the island group includes a weekend completely for tourists. On the tourism Website of the country: “Closed for Maintenance” (Closed for maintenance). However, this is not right. Visit Faroe Islands-corrected: The Islands close to the data, only some of the most popular attractions that have been selected from the local tourist information and municipalities and require maintenance. This is especially the Hiking trails. Other regions are open to tourists, it is now.

The Faroe Islands are a group of volcanic Islands in the North Atlantic between Iceland and Norway. There are around 50,000 people, and about 80,000 live sheep. Last year, 110,000 visitors arrived on the remote Islands.

tourism website of the Färoer Islands


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