A criminal, hiding behind the medical mask shot a man in Moscow

As it became known “MK”, the criminal incident occurred on the evening of March 31 in the village of Kommunarka. 29-year-old Aram (all names changed) was returning home. The man before the plague overtook a car, and are now left without work.

he Came to her porch, Aram heard that someone had called him by name, turned and this time ran up to him a stranger. The villain fired several shots from a pistol. The face of the attacker was hidden by a medical mask.

I was at home, waiting for the return of her husband, – said Inga, wife of the victim, heard the street sounds similar to claps. Then I looked out the window (we live on the second floor) and saw on the pavement of her husband. I ran downstairs and called an ambulance.

Aram with wounds of both legs was taken to a hospital in the capital. The police are checking the incident.


According to the operative worker of one of divisions of the Metropolitan criminal investigation, the police admit that during a pandemic criminals often will use a medical mask to hide from justice. Of course, identifiable by the cameras, the identity of the person whose face is half hidden by remedy, much more difficult. Therefore, to maintain order, prevention of crimes and offenses on the streets by 20 % increased the number of patrols, and also created mobile groups from among employees of various services and departments.