A car salesman, who prefers to remain anonymous, wrote in the U.S. magazine “Popular Mechanics”, what matters, in his opinion, when buying a car. Here are his tips – we have added them for the German market.

No junk cars

There is no scrap in the market. Anyone who buys a new car, you can rest assured. All cars have a certain level of quality. The 80s, in which, in order to save costs, intentionally bad cars were built, are over.

limit price

You should never go to a car dealer, if you have not previously defined a price you want to spend. Without a hard Limit in your head you can spend more for a car than you wanted to.

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Seat Mii

If there is to be a really small car, you can see the Seat Mii. He is virtually identical to the VW up and Skoda Citigo, but used cheaper. The fancier VW up, there are far more common, but it is also used noticeably more expensive. Seat Mii offers space for two persons with Luggage. With only 3.56 meters in length, the mite is easy to maneuver. The Parking stress is significantly lower than in the case of a full-blown car.

Usable Used, there is about 4000 Euro. Advantage: you are not ancient. Pay attention to the speedometer. Some vehicles have low miles on the clock, but a small car that has a maintenance or supply service has gone to 150,000 miles, its best days long behind.

example: Seat Mii Style – 60 HP – the first registration 04/2013 mileage: 82.400 – price: 4200 Euro

Used alone to watch

If you are looking for a Used one, you should take your time and the car in silence and, above all, without the seller inspect. The only way you will find signs of wear. Are you looking at exactly. The reconditioned car smell like new, and has the same effect – at first glance, polishes and Sprays to cover the signs of age. Don’t let that dazzle.

the workshop

if you want to know which vehicle is the least Trouble, should not speak with the sellers, but with the mechanics in the workshop. You know exactly what type of power problems.

the seller wants to earn

The seller gets a sort of Commission for the sale. The depends on the type of vehicle and the price that is actually paid. Today, most of the customers are negotiating hard, which expresses the Commission for the sale. The more important of the other services that the seller brings to the man. Warranty extensions, insurance and financing.

cash is a bad think

Many of the customers: cash laughs! This is wrong. The seller writes quite frankly: “My first Job is to get people to Finance the car through the dealership. This means that cash is the worst thing you can do to me,” says the anonymous car seller. For the customers it is difficult to understand. But the dealership and the buyer will earn a Zero-percent financing. With such a conclusion is easier to a discount to talk, as if the customer paid in cash.

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the estate in the case of Used

In the case of used cars, the prices on the sign are always higher than calculated. Because “even the sweetest old ladies” want to act like a “sabre tooth tiger”. But caution: In the case of new cars and days of approvals, there are often discounts of up to 5,000 euros and more. So a discount is in used cars not possible.

Overdo it

Not too high a poker game. Customers who insist on an absurdly low price, get fast no offer, because the seller want to save an unnecessary call. So: Be polite. “For morons there is only one: no!” the car dealer makes.

number crunching

don’t Let advertising with the financing of panels offered. You can pay off a car for 35,000 euros at a Rate of 200 Euro. A car like this will cost 400 or 500 Euro a month. Caution, especially when used car to be financed with a few years on the hump over the years.

be Realistic

If you want to sell a used car, you need to say goodbye to the dream values. Remember, the dealer is buying the car to sell it again. He puts in the time and work, and also have a warranty and he also wants to make a profit. You can’t expect to see any of the money that the customer paid for. Portals that determine the value of a vehicle, show them, but often these final price. In the default setting, these portals are also a best condition.

And: The prices listed in car exchanges, enter the desired price of the seller and does not show the number that is in the contract.

do not Be a son of a bitch

If you want to give your old car to get a new one, you need to clean the car. Maybe it is even worth to leave the car of a professional cutting. The seller warns: dirt and grime can press the price. “Four out of five cars that I take in the trade, are dirty. Not only Dirt from the outside. There’s real trash, stuff in the glove box, cigarettes in ashtrays, dirt on the floor, eat leftovers.”

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buying a car is a matter of trust. And next to a house, there is little that would be similar to tax. In his life, the German buys about ten cars – the most used. And he will always be carved back over the ear.

Gernot Kramper Kra


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