Germany is in the Diesel-marsh, in Beijing, the Chinese people like E-mobility and where the goal is. The brand world Cup engine makes no secret of it, because the world Cup is the “world champion”, and nothing less will be China’s auto industry: a world leader in E-mobility.

world champion new Top model: a crisp SUV with 600 kilometres of electric range and now it comes at a price of only 19,000 euros. There is a VW Golf with a saving facilities and schlappem gasoline. In just three years since the company’s founding champion of the world has come far. The company makes no empty promises: The electric SUV EX5 is already in the showrooms. For € 16,000, it offers a 450 km range. By 2023 a further three world champion-electric models to follow.

the Incredible pace of gasoline consumption of new cars consume 42 percent more Fuel than the manufacturer’s promise Of Gernot Kramper

Since the Europeans will be amazed. With this number of strokes, the pace of development and the final prices, the Chancellor in Germany would have to turn not have to Worry about Mobility and fine dust. In technique and presentation, Chinese producers have increased in the last two years, only the Design is copied. Right next to the Mazda CX-5 X-Motion is the MG in the headlights – closely related is an understatement, even the red paint is almost identical. Whether a Range Rover or Audi, European Design, that still finds enthusiastic imitators.

The Mock is likely to be Mute to any Europeans, too much the product quality of the Automobile has increased. Smartphone gizmos and connectivity for the Chinese customers a decisive purchase argument. The screens can therefore not be large enough.

Stromer dominate

Geely, there was the new sedan to see. Also in the case of Geely Stromer play the largest role. NEVs (Plug-in hybrids and electric models) by 2023, 90 percent of the portfolio. Exciting to see the Cross-over study of Geely Icon, it gives an Outlook on the future Design of the Chinese.

E-mobility, E-cars on street light charging: Start-up is revolutionising London By Gernot Kramper

for a Long time, China was a Bastion of the sedans, but the SUVs will replace you soon as a favorite guy. Cross-over are omnipresent. Interesting Detail: BAIC made it just possible to swap the entire battery module.

power through the electrical

Chinese manufacturers are discovering, alongside the series vehicles, the appeal of performance models. The BYD Tang is a seven-seater SUV. The tremendous Tang to reach the 100 km/h mark in 4.5 seconds. Pure electric, he completed up to 80 kilometers. For propulsion 200-HP two-liter turbo gasoline engine and two 147-HP electric motors. The a system power of 500 HP and a maximum torque of 820 Newton meters. Due to the strict official car regulations in China can reach such performance values only with E-drive. The Design of the Tang can also be seen, finally, it comes from the Ex-Audi-Mann, Wolfgang Egger. Byton not presented at the Beijing motor show the series model of its electric SUV. The production model of the study, which was already in the United States caused a sensation, is to be offered with two battery packs 71 and 95 kWh, as well as with a range of 400 and 520 km.

Vespa Elettrica Now, the Vespa comes with electric motor – but who buys the E-scooter?

Ecologically, clean, and Italian. Finally, Piaggio has become an E-Vespa. It’s a question of whether the nostalgic Vespa riders take on the new.

Gernot Kramper Kra with press inform


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