bullying can leave behind traces of which remain throughout life – a case that underscores the occurred now in Thailand. A 69-year-old man to a former classmate who had been bullying him, apparently, decades ago, in the school retaliated. On a class meeting, he shot the 69-year-old victim.

Among other things, the British “Mirror” reported on the fact. Thus, the death toll is said to have harassed the offender in the school, both 16 years, and shortly before her graduation, were. 53 years later, it came to the reunion, which ended for the former bully to be fatal.

bullying victim kills a former College classmate,

At the Party was eaten according to Reports of those present, initially, peaceful, drunk, and in the memories of indulging in, but then had escalated the Situation. The perpetrator, a former naval officer, is said to have faced his former tormentors with the deeds of the school and an apology demanded. This meant, to can’t remember, and refused to apologize – it came to a dispute between the two men. At the end of the previous bullying victim pulled a gun and killed his adversary.

The victim died at the hospital. Other classmates knew of the history between the two disputants, could not imagine, however, that the debate would find such an end. “If he was drunk, he often talked about the bullying. He has never forgotten it. But because these things happened so long ago, I would have never thought that he would kill him,” said a former classmate. “We are all shocked.”

The offender was able to escape, the police are searching for him with a warrant. He is accused of murder and illegal possession of weapons.

sources: “Mirror” / “Daily Mail”

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