Huge and ultra-sharp: Modern TV in the living room for real cinema feeling. But for that you have to engage most deeply in the pocket: A good TV will cost 1000 euros and more, a massive Soundbar strikes again with a couple of hundred euros. Because it is still close to save at least the accessories – such as when the cable. Or is the false greed?

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The price range for HDMI cables is very large: There are already five euros, for the expensive models of high double-digit sums are due and payable. Because until today, the rumor that gold HDMI cable for a better picture holds.

injustice: HDMI cables transmit digital Video and audio data using the so called TMDS technology. There are two versions of the identical data stream to be sent. Thus, transmission errors or disturbances are excluded. At the end of the signal transmission, a Zero or a One is either, that is to say: One has a perfect, crystal clear picture or none at all. A Golden cable has so much influence on the quality of the image, such as a Golden remote control – no.

A cheap cable, if it is well processed and licensed, just as good pictures as an expensive one. Only the processing quality is different: Cheap cables can suffer faster cable breaks.

“An expensive cable can be worth it nevertheless if you want to be on the safe side,” explains Roland Seibt of the journal “Video”. It takes about a very long time, particularly robust or well-shielded cable, it can be worth the more expenditure. In the case of a Two-Meter cable, as it comes in most of the living rooms to use, but often a cheap model. However, the problem is if the cable is longer and you want to receive the TV UHD signals.

Important is the HDMI certification

The expert recommends to pay attention to the certification and corresponding Labels. It is recommended to “HDMI Premium”, this is a trusted seal of approval. In order to be on the safe side that the cable also supports advanced image standards such as UHD and HDR in the full scope of the function (10-Bit color depth, 60 Hertz). Otherwise, it may result in some cases, display problems, and image dropouts. Terms such as “HDMI 2.0” are “meaningless” and would often only be printed for marketing reasons on the pack, Seibt emphasized.

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