In the process the murder of the 18-year-old Maria from Zinnowitz against two 19 – and 21-year-old men has recommended an appraiser for the accommodation of the younger defendant in a psychiatric hospital. It is an extremely high danger of drawing, founded by the psychiatrist in the regional court of Stralsund of its proposal for the so-called coercive treatment. This implementation is according to the law, is generally unlimited, a dismissal will be examined by Doctors at regular intervals.

the man’s a complete lack of empathy is to see, said the psychiatrist. He was extremely aggressive and impulsive. “These are people that should be Worried.”

tattoo to honor his sacrifice on the cheek

One of the special characteristics of the 19-Year-old whose tattoos, according to experts. So he has the name of his daughter over the right eye tattooing. Even more striking is the cross on the left cheek but. This he had done for his best friend, he had said in one of the talks, said the expert. To demand who it was, he replied: “Maria”.

Pregnant women are killed, they wanted to see a human die and decided for Maria: “It was easier”

In that moment it broke from the mother of Mary: “I can’t”, she cried out in tears, and with a painfully distorted face. “That’s disgusting.” Then she left for a short time the court room.

A defendant how the 19-Year-old he had experienced in his 22-year-old reviewer still said the psychiatrist. He justified this with the statement that he would commit such a crime again. “The motive of the Killing wanting to find extremely rare.”

the Second defendant has found no personality disorder

The reviewer of the second defendant in this, however, no evidence of a personality disturbance, or limited control capability. “He could have had a different act.”

The men will have to answer due to the vicious murder out of lust for murder. They wanted to see according to prosecutors, a man die and had chosen mid-March, the pregnant Mary. The offender and the victim were friends. Maria was selected according to the younger of the defendants, because she lived alone. Both offenders were drunk at the fact strong, it was in both but no significant action restrictions pre-said the expert.

19-Year-old has extensive confession

On the first Day of the trial of the 19 had filed-Year-old a full confession and put the blame largely on themselves. After that, he had planned the crime and, in fact, implemented. The co-defendant had only held on to the legs of the victim. This Year’s best ride of the 21 -. On the third day of the trial, the Younger had revised his statement and the other, the complicity of accused.

A coroner said on Thursday, however, that in the lower area of the pants of Mary and DNA traces of the older defendants had been found. It was a trail of several people, a so-called mixed track. The Prosecutor analysed the DNA as a “serious indication” that the Older Maria could have held on to in the act on the legs.

The process will continue next Monday with the pleadings. The judgment will fall on Friday next week.

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