on a German car, a General speed limit motorways be introduced? Two star reporters discuss. Rolf-Herbert Peters writes here, why he is for it.

Axel front trees says thank you at this point: “no, no, no!”:

In October 1988, the motorists party (APD) was founded in Germany. Not to be confused with the APO or the AfD. The APD is not fought for the Expansion of the road network, more Parking and unrestricted traffic flow, among other things, with the Slogan: “speed limit on Asphalt utilizes the Green of the forest”. The Whole garnished with the crude Thesis that the highway of the plants grew quite considerably to be edges. Questions? In 2002, that was it. Members of lack and financial difficulties. Well, Yes.

“We want to warn you!”

Why can’t I get now? Because I know how quickly you will be placed in the corner of the diehards questioning fanatic, if you know the question of a General speed limit on Germany’s motorways with a mindfulness note. So like it at the time, the legendary Traffic program “of The 7. Meaning” always with a sonorous voice from the Off has done: “We want to warn you!”

Warn? What is it? A further loss of freedom in a to excessive regulation-prone state. Prior to this, Grassi reason forced to control all of our lives until the next ice age. Against this dictation to Mediocrity in all walks of life. Are we supposed to drink anyway less, smoke less, eat less meat, but more often to floss? What’s the point? Thus, the mediocre ones safely in the form of can feel?

I don’t need a teaching Pro and Contra useless Sneak, or the victory of reason? That would be a speed limit in Germany DPA

bring the Are no arguments? I ask for a Moment of reflection in which, the hinzockeln Tempo 120 in the middle lane. That’s all. I don’t need any teachings, and I ask you, of a moralistic sour comments along with dreary statistics on Consumption in the social networks in sight. Your notorious Function of clothes is not buying me the cutter anyway!

And in the Other: Where the speed limit is for safety reasons necessary, I’m in. Since I take the foot off the Gas. Anything else would be absurd.

And now? Now I’m looking forward to the applause of the left-hand lane that announces itself from afar with the light horn. I can do without. Freedom, I mean, also means responsibility.

click here to read Rolf-Herbert Peters and why he is for a speed limit.


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