What happens when BMW and the Outdoor brand North Face team up? You build a trailer that can also be used in heavy terrain and in extreme weather use. In Las Vegas computer were shown animations, in the course of the year, with a prototype to follow.

New skin

The future light-trailer was built in the traditional Teardrop shape. Special about him is that his skin is foldable. In such concepts, it is regularly worked. A foldable trailer would make it possible that the interior in the unfolded state is very large and the Trailer can be placed during transport compact.

The real highlight of the model is the robust, new, ultra-breathable fabric from TNF. This high-tech fabric goes back to a concept car from BMW, namely, the breathtaking Gina Light Visionary Model from 2008. This Roadster took leave of the strength of the body shell, he was surrounded with a movable skin from stretch material, the Gina was able to change their shape.

light-weight on the hook

The future light pendant is now to be not a futuristic shape-shifter. Here the Material is clamped only over a skeletal frame. Thus, weight is saved. As soon as you no longer need the trailer is put together the case to save space.

The extreme breathability of the fabric to make single-wall tents is possible and, therefore, the waiver of an appearance of rain tent. If the shell of the tent consists of only one orbit, is a far more effective utilization of space is possible, as in the case of a construction with two hulls and a large air layer in between.

Regular production is uncertain

The small size of the Trailer, speculation is rife about whether this model can not be pulled by a motorcycle or a Quad. For a Bicycle, the trailer is too heavy, it would be possible but such a vehicle is a mountain bike with an electric to pull the engine. Especially in countries where the strict power limitations for E-motors of the EU, should not be a Problem.

The urgent question is, however: Is built of the car is also in series? Because the prospects are bad. In fact, the vehicle is used only as a spectacular eye-catcher for the visually nondescript fabric. The North Face said that there were many positive reactions to the trailer, but no decision to build. Until then, cyclists need to cart on living as of the Wide Path Camper.

The TNFs future light-tissue is still related to 2019 in waterproof breathable outerwear. From 2024, the fabric is to be used in the tent structure.

Cycling Camping Bicycle caravan from Denmark to yourself

living drag bikes cars are very popular in Germany. For the Dane Mads Johansen reason enough to combine the two Trends. The result can be seen.

Gernot Kramper


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