Natalia Grace Barnet you will break the next Thursday, their silence after their case would fly around the world in a thousand spaces informative in the international press at the end of September. This is the first time that the young man, who suffers from a form of dwarfism, faces the cameras after having been accused by his adoptive parents for lying about their age and wanting to kill the family, the marriage formed by Kristine and Michael Barnett and their three children, who were living in the State of Indiana (USA) when the incident occurred.

The couple is on bail accused of having abandoned Natalia Grace in 2013, when this was supposed to be a minor. The young man now lives with a family, the Mans, who have come with her to the television to show his support and offer his testimony. “I just want people to hear my version”, you can hear Natalia Grace in the progress of the Show, Dr. Phil, a clinical psychologist Phil McGraw, which is issued since 2002 and is produced by Oprah Wimpfre. It will be one more episode of a serial that she still has several chapters to write, including the judgment against Barnett, which ensure that the minor had more than 20 years when left to its fate. According to his testimony was an adult psychopath.

a little over a month, the couple, who welcomed the young ukraine after being abandoned cleared one of the mysteries of the case: where was Natalia Grace today? Antwon Mans, priest and father of four other children, explained that the young are well and that for them it is a more of the family in the home they shared in Lafayette, a city of just over 55,000 residents of Indiana.

Barnett, today divorced, they adopted Natalia Grace in 2010 in an orphanage in Florida by a procedure express 24 hours —the time limit is usually six or eight months to comply with the requirements of state law adoption— as published the Daily Mail. In an interview with the british newspaper, Kristine Barnett, who before the event was known as an expert in parenting and had managed to get her son with autism came to prestigious centres of education, explained that they quickly realized that the girl was older. According to the woman, though supposedly he was only six years old, she had sprouted pubic hair, menstruaba and used a vocabulary of an older person. Kristine Barnett described a coexistence terrible with the smaller, of scary movie, in which this allegedly tried to envenenarla, drew burials in the garden, and appeared next to their beds in the middle of the night.

Natalia Grace, in the program.

In 2013, the Barnett moved to Canada for his autistic son, who with 17 years old he was already a doctor in Quantum Physics, to continue with their studies. But they left Natalie Grace, who according to their adoptive parents had at that time more than 20 years. He was paid a year’s rent in Lafayette, health insurance and food stamps. A year later, the young man was evicted and the sheriff of the county, and the court began to investigate what had happened. Now they face five and a half years in prison. Could be sentenced for leaving a child or in the leave helpless to a person with a mental or physical disability, a criminal offence under the law of Indiana.

In the game of birth of Natalia Grace, born in Ukrainian, a figure that was born on the 4th of September 2003, according to have recognized the Barnett. The police of Indiana, cited by several us media outlets, ensures that a bone density test that was performed to Natalia in 2010 showed that she was then eight years old. Another test performed two years later showed that the girl had at that time 11 years. But in 2012, Barnett got a judge to change the date of birth of the young, from 2003 to 1989, which became automatically an adult that today would be a woman of 30 years. How they managed to change the date of birth is one of the great unknowns in this case.


Charged for abandonment by the adoptive parents of a girl: they say that it was an adult and wanted to kill them More unknowns than certainties, in the case of a girl with dwarfism, abandoned by her adoptive parents The new parents of the little girl with dwarfism abandoned: “Natalia is fine. It is part of the family,”

In a letter to dr. Andrew McLaren dated October 24, 2016 and on letterhead of the clinic of the University of Indiana, published by Wish-TV —the health centre has not confirmed the authenticity of the document, the doctor says that the date that appears on the birth certificate of Natalia Grace is “clearly incorrect”. “Unfortunately, determining the truth about the age has been difficult. The records provided by the authorities of their country of origin, Ukraine, are extremely incomplete. Also because he has dysplasia espondilometafisaria, a type of dwarfism, the conventional methods for calculating the age will not serve”.

then it explains that a dentist certified in 2011 that his denture was that of an adult, and that a neuropsychological evaluation determined that he had developed sexually. In the letter, the doctor says that he was hospitalized in a psychiatric center in 2012 —allegedly after attacking her foster mother, where it was determined that he had, at least, 14 years and where he was diagnosed with a “personality disorder sociopath” which normally does not appear until the age of 16. During his internment, continues the doctor, “she began to admit that he was over 18”. His real age is still a mystery. May be this is one of the questions to clear the program next Thursday.


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