A resident of Ukraine, on his knees, apologized for the spread of the coronavirus

a Resident of the village of Kolinkivtsi in Chernivtsi region in Western Ukraine recorded a video message to his fellow villagers, asking forgiveness for the distribution among them of the new coronavirus. The video was published on Youtube.

According to the information portal “Obozrevatel”, a woman in the midst of a pandemic returned from Italy, but did not isolate themselves. She actively participated in social activities, went to meetings, the result of which were infected with the novel coronavirus her children and grandchildren, as well as the head of the village, 14 of her fellow villagers were also hospitalized.

“I hear that you want to burn my house down, physically punish my children, my grandchildren,” says the woman. She noted that she and her children managed to recover from COVID-19. A resident of the village said that she can’t go out and “sitting on bags” with the documents. According to her, they run out of food, they “eat up the last pasta”. However, the woman made a promise never to visit Italy.

According to the latest information of Ministry of health of Ukraine, the country identified 475 infected with coronavirus, 10 people died, six recovered.