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Too fat, too thin, permanent diet or eating disorder: celebrity women in particular know the pressure to be perfect. So also superstar Kelly Clarkson. Today she feels comfortable with her weight and reveals: Being thin was pure stress!

The singer (“Since U Been Gone”) admits that the music industry was a lot harder for her than she weighed even fewer pounds. At that time, Kelly said, she was constantly being compared to other women.

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Constant comparison: who is the thinnest?

In an interview with Glamor, she said: “I had this discussion with some women from the industry. I felt so much more pressure from people than I was slim when I was really thin and not very healthy because I was just done. I worked so hard and didn’t care about my health. But I felt more pressure. It was more the magazines that were put in front of you. ”

However, the musician is currently struggling with completely different problems. Kelly recently filed for divorce from her husband Brandon Blackstock – apparently the connection did not survive the joint lockdown.

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“Your closest confidants know that it was difficult,” an insider tells “Entertainment Tonight”. “Kelly and Brandon have had problems for several months and are working deliberately to save their marriage. They both hoped that the shared quarantine in Montana outside of LA would help them do this. ”(Bang / KUT)


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