A special KGB prison in Vilnius: who's contained

Crime 05/02/20 a Special KGB prison in Vilnius: who’s contained

After independence, the Baltic republics began to actively publicize information about the KGB activities in its territory. Currently, anyone can visit the former secret prison in Vilnius where in the Soviet era dissidents were kept.

the Prison is for “dissent”

Since joining the USSR in 1940 the Baltic States were one of the most politically unstable regions of the Soviet Union. Therefore, the security organs worked here tirelessly.
the Building is at the intersection of Aucu from Gediminas Avenue in Vilnius was built in 1899 as the Palace of justice Vilnius province of the Russian Empire. The NKVD was first placed here in 1940. In the years of German occupation was replaced by the security Service of the reichsfuehrer SS (SD) and the Gestapo, and in 1944 the building was again passed into the hands of the Soviet KGB. It questioned the “forest brothers”, and “execution” of the premises resulted in the execution of death sentences to the fighters for independence of Lithuania.
Even after the defeat of the Lithuanian “green” by the middle of 1950-ies the need in the inner prison is not anymore. Here the KGB had taken political dissidents and those suspected of espionage activities in favor of foreign States.

Since 1959 the secret prison was officially called detention center. Here people detained for “political” articles, was awaiting trial and was subjected to bullying. Camera in the basement was a small room with two beds with cabinets and stools. Outwardly they did not differ from normal cameras in detention facilities and were heated by radiators. Over time, the number of cameras was reduced. If in 1950-ies there were more than 50, in 1964 left 23, and later – only 19. Since prisoners are often left behind nthe inscriptions, the walls of the chambers are repeatedly repainted (according to researchers, no less than 18 times).
In 1991, in a secret prison was only 1 hole, but in the first years of activities of the NKVD, had several. Confinement in a cool and very narrow, the room itself causing suffering, especially in the winter. In solitary confinement could send for failure to comply with or attempt to communicate with other prisoners by pristukivanija.

it is Worth mentioning the so-called “soft box” whose walls were covered with soundproof foam: here the prisoners were simply gone mad in complete silence. For those who tried to tear the upholstery, put on a straitjacket.

Famous inmates

In 1956, in the prison of the Vilnius KGB building were interrogated and tortured leader of the anti-Soviet resistance in South Lithuania Adolphus of Ramanauskas. Partizan, also known by the nickname Vaginas (“Hawk”), the KGB was severely beaten, and then castrated him, gouged out his right eye and half deprived of hearing. The next year, Ramanauskas was executed as a “major terrorist”.

Several times in the Vilnius KGB prison contained anti-Soviet activist Catholic priest Alfonsas Svarinskas. It was first tried in 1948 for the contacts with the “forest brothers” in 1956 for possession of books of the pre-war years of the publication, and finally the last time the priest was arrested in 1983.
Svarinskas was not only repressed by the Minister of the Church in Lithuania – problems with the STB had up to 20% of Catholic priests. In the early 1980s, for example, in the KGB jail was hit by a member of the Jesuit Sigitas Tamkevicius, at that time serving in the parish of the town of Kybartai. He was arrested as an active participant of the Catholic Committee for the defense of believers ‘ rights, and editor of the samizdat “Chronicle of the Catholic Church of Lithuania”. For anti-Soviet agitation cleric was sentenced to 10-year term at the camp.

in Addition to the “forest brothers” and the priest in the KGB jail were literary figures, pravosuditnike and other dissidents, dissatisfied with the Soviet power in the Republic.
In 1992 in the former KGB was founded “Museum of occupation and fight for freedom”. Inside the prison is completely left in the form in which it left the departed in August 1991 from Vilnius Soviet KGB agents.

Timur Sagdiyev

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