Alexander Glikin: for that Ordzhonikidze was sent the most powerful man on the plant

Biography 21/02/20 Alexander Glikin: for that Ordzhonikidze was sent the strongest person in the plant

What should the most powerful man on the planet? Perhaps such activity, which is somehow related to his physical capabilities. Lift weights, juggle heavy weights, bending iron and stuff. In short, do something unique to the delight of the audience and certainly for applause, the popularity and a good reward. But, alas, it turns out not always: sometimes the circumstances are stronger. The story of strongman Alexander Glicine proves it.

the Force that comes once in 500 years.

unfortunately, if not to work on the promotion name, then in the end it will not remain even memories. Probably why Glikin were in sight, being already a Mature athlete and his “life before fame” we do not know practically nothing.

for the First time the hero drew attention to themselves, speaking in Lugansk and the tent in the early 20-ies of the last century. There he entertained the audience with various power stunts. And one “special” room, I struck up the public especially: Glicine put on the head of a huge granite slab – and anyone could beat this on the slab with a sledgehammer.

In 1930, the year the athlete, nicknamed for its incredible strength, “the Russian Hercules”, came to conquer Leningrad, probably relying on the fact that it is in here that him and expects recognition. There is information that the athlete was planning to go to the Leningrad Institute of physical culture, but did this admission is unclear.

However, the furor in the Northern capital Glikin really made. For the purpose of estimating his physical strength, assembled a Commission of experts, which in the end came in perfect amazement and made a bold conclusion: if Alexander will dedicate myself to strength training, you will be able to set a world record. Moreover, it is not easy, and one that NICTabout not able to beat for 500 years!

unfortunately, circumstances are such that the optimistic assumption of the Commission remained experimentally not verified.

Labour heroism is not appreciated

In 1931 Glikin took the plant “ZIL”, probably hoping just to earn money and no thoughts of a Grand career, which, according to experts, had to wait for him in the near future. But it work and put an end to this career. And all because of altruism and bravado of the “Russian Hercules”.

the fact that Glikin, almost became a work, immediately rushed to demonstrate its remarkable strength and to help colleagues in all that is connected with the dragging, pushing and holding heavy weights. The staff of “ZIL” was in shock, nothing like they’ve never seen, either before or after the meeting with the unique person and their surprise is easy to understand.

the hero without the aid of special tools off the ground the weight of half a ton, turned a heavy tank, stand on the back and shoulders larger than life machines, boilers, cast forms and the like. And case when Glycine managed to single-handedly push out of clay tawassul springs on the car, caused a particular stir.

a well-Known example, when Glikin saved the worker, crushed by the rigging machine. Moreover, the hero pushed a machine without much effort and could not grasp why everyone is so elated and grateful.

it would Seem that that was then, and is to come glory, because to ignore such a promising athlete is simply impossible. Glicine is really noticed and appreciated. That’s just the coaches somehow were not in a hurry to take your hands from the talent. In 1933 in the factory newspaper “Red Putilovets” there was a note about the incredible physical abilities of an ordinary worker.

about “Hercules” even specially convened Commission of doctors, which came to the following conclusion: “In order to avoid accidents when sharing the rise tegesther due to the imbalance of power Glicine and the rest of the workers, it is advisable to use it only individually”.

Thank strongman somehow sunk… No, again not up to the coaching staff and people’s Commissar of heavy industry of the USSR Sergo Ordzhonikidze. He thought that over and decided that “people-jacks” in terms of the lack of equipment is much more important than great athletes and circus performers. And forcibly transferred Glicine on a closed defense enterprise, which already had no chance even to think about the future of weightlifting altitudes.

Power genius was involved in the reconstruction of the Moscow factories, but for decades no information about his heroic exploits in the press is not leaked. But when he returned scaffolder at home on “ZIL”, the excitement broke out with renewed force – and this despite the fact that Glikin was no longer young.

“I Glicine purposely in unfrequented places send. And then it will appear in the shop – leave all the work: it is surrounded by 200-300 people, even climb on the roof and watch. Why on earth, see? Man as man,” recalled master “Belovskogo” shop.

“Russian Hercules” has worked in the plant to 65 years. And even at this age he was distinguished by incredible strength and physique. Unfortunately, the sports achievements in life Glicine never happened. He himself, apparently not wanting to reopen that wound – just waved good-naturedly when he asked: “In youth I was probably stupid. And three hundred pounds could lift it.”

Although the phenomenon is still “lit up” throughout the Soviet Union: she starred in the film “Queen of the gas station” – in the episode carrying a car “Zaporozhets” of the tube in free space.

Glicine Alexander’s Desire to show themselves not where it should be, definitely played a trick on him.

Ilya Pozhidaev

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