You don’t know who’s Dave Grohl? Really? Ouch. But wait, probably you know him, without knowing it. Listen to the Song “Smells like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana. You’ll have to somewhere. In the seventh second of this gigantic hits a punch on the sets of the stuff and then just have everything from snap – the Band, the audience, the whole world. The guy who played the drums in 1991, is Dave Grohl. Nirvana with the Album “Nevermind” to the world stars. Shortly after singer Kurt Cobain broke the success, took drugs, had a crazy woman down, shot himself with a shotgun in the head.

But Dave Grohl was different. For him it was always about the music. Everlong. At 17, he dropped out of school, with his punk rock band through Europe tours. Since then, he has not ceased to stand on the stage. After the dissolution of Nirvana, he founded his own Band, the “Foo Fighters”, with which he has twelve Grammy awards won and thousands of headlining Shows to have played even with a broken leg! Scandals? Drug excesses? . Grohl, married since 2003, and has three children, is considered to be the “nicest dude in rock”, which is just damn happy with what he is doing and also 50 continues to be full throttle. From him we can learn what true devotion is. Here are his 12 most important rules for a happy, absolutely awesome (Rockstar)life:

Sh*** on the coal!

“I don’t need more money, more cars, and more gold chains. The make me happy. And I’d rather be happy than rich. Okay, rich, I’m a maybe, but I don’t stink.”

Foo Fighters is The only Band that can save our world

Fuck drugs!

“I’ve taken on a boat from England to Belgium Acid and it ended up that I ran for three hours in a circle and I introduced that tiny dinosaurs were chewing at the ankles of the other. That was totally fucked up. I didn’t come for twelve hours.”

from that Dave drew his conclusions: “I love to make music. Why should I take the at risk by taking drugs? I stopped taking drugs when I was 20.”

Fuck violence!

During a performance of the Foo Fighters at a major Festival, it came out in 2011, to a brawl in the audience. Dave Grohl, under the Show broke up and rebuked the troublemakers, which he apparently had in view, loudly: “At my concerts to beat, here you can dance! So you can piss off!”

Stay on the Ball!

“I Would just sit at home, or any unusual Hobbies, wouldn’t be the Foo Fighters at Album number 9 and would not play in such big halls. You get in life only what you invested.”

On aging

“I’ve experienced great things, I have experienced terrible tragedies. I’ve tried just about everything I wanted to do from time to time – and I still don’t know that that was far from everything.”

do your thing!

“I dropped out of High School and could not go to College because I was smart enough, so I started to load Trucks and make it to the weekend of punk rock.”

Over drive

“The key is to do something that is in us and what it is respected. You don’t get that in his profession, and one must look for another valve. This can be theatre, dance, sports, a nerdiges Hobby, whatever. Do what makes you happy, and enjoy your life. I don’t do anything else. I play music with my friends, and that gives me the energy to drive my Kids to school, shopping at the Mall and the dog shit in my garden to collect.”

Simply shut up!

“do you Know why there are the Foo Fighters for over 20 years? Because I haven’t told anybody of my band mates ever, what I really think about him. The last thing you want is to go with your Band therapy!”

you just grit your teeth!

“I was euphoric in a way that I lost at the edge of the stage, the balance, and in the Photo pit fell.” In doing so, he broke his leg and was still running the Show in the Seats to the end, while a doctor eingipste the leg. For him, a matter of honor: “in the past, it happened all the time, that colleagues broke on the stage of the nose, electric shock, got or stage diving on the muzzle fell. Nobody would have the idea of a Gig to cancel – it was further rocked! This is the philosophy I’ve internalized: You grit your teeth and go through with this!”

I Dare you!

“There’s a big difference between “in someone fall in love with” and “in someone fall in love with, and marry”. Usually you fall in love after the wedding, namely, in someone.”

Know your roots!

“As a Nirvana world, were famous, you could lose yourself in all the madness. Fortunately, I had an anchor in my life that have not allowed it – old friends, family.” And further: “if to me everything is too much, or I have the feeling to lose me, I drive in my home is Virginia, in my old neighborhood, and realize that still, everything is the same.”

be Nice!

“The Only thing I can say is that I try to treat every person with decency and respect. Simply because I was brought up.”


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