About 40 thousand of exhibits of the Metropolitan Museum you can see in the online directory

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

In the online catalogues of the capital’s museums you can see the book on the medicine of the XVI century and the beads of Marina Tsvetaeva. Everyone can watch digitized Museum exhibits thanks to the project “Museum of Moscow online”. This is stated on the portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

“the Project “Museum of Moscow online” launched in 2017. Now he combines 36 of the city’s cultural sites. Visit the virtual exhibition and explore the collection of the famous museums from home. About 40 thousand items already digitized and available to everyone” – are the material words of the mayor of Moscow Natalia Sergunina.

most of the digitized exhibits submitted by the State biological Museum named after Timiryazev. In the online catalogue published by 15.6 thousand exhibits.

it is Noted that the first place in the top five of the largest online collections digitized by the number of exhibits is the State biological Museum named after Timiryazev. 15,6 among the thousands published in the online catalog photo of the items you can see images of books, paintings and drawings, sculptures, body casts, herbariums, and archaeological finds. So, you can see handwritten book 1564 in Polish “Drugs, collected by physician sir Ian Pilecki”.

the Museum-panorama “Borodino battle” presented the albums with drawings of the early XX century on the theme of the Patriotic war of 1812, weapons and household items of that time. Everyone can see more than 11 thousand exhibits.

the Museum occupies the third place by quantity of the digitized items. This is the main floor of the Museum Association, which includes several museums, where the city devoted to exhibits. As noted, this is the Museum of archeology of Moscow, Old English court Museum of history “Lefortovo” and the Center Gilyarovskogo.

In the online catalogue you can view the plans and city maps of the XVI–XX centuries, works of the master documentthe sick photos of Mikhail Dashevsky. There are also a fragment of white stone columns of the XVI century, found in the masonry walls of the White city on Khokhlovskaya square, and other objects found during the excavations.

to See online and store the State Museum of Gulag history. The exhibition includes 1.6 thousand items.

In the online exposure of the House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva everyone can see 1.4 thousand items, including family pictures of the poet. Also in the catalog there is a photo of personal belongings Tsvetaeva coral beads and dresses, as well as copper bucket of the XVIII century, kept in the family of the poet.

Earlier it was reported that online lectures, workshops and tour will be available in the social networks of institutions ENEA at the time of closing of the complex. In particular, 2 April at 13:00 you can do online at the Museum of the Soviet era. Visitors will be able to learn a lot from the history of discoveries and the future life of the property.

in addition, the ENEA page in “Schoolmates” it is possible to study informative program on the centre of Slavic writing “the Word.” As part of the institution’s work in the pages of ENEA and “Words” in the network Instagram appears educational cartoons and videos about the Russian alphabet.

a Special program was prepared for those interested in marine life. Moskvarium from April 3 to be placed on its Youtube channel shows feeding of different exotic fish. In addition, Muscovites will publish informative videos where professionals will talk about the life of the inhabitants of “Moskvarium”.

Muscovites will be able to watch online and on the lives of the “Urban farm”. The school will host master classes, which will tell you how your own hands made from glass brooch, pendant, painting, or bead. In addition, the career development center “tehnograd” has prepared a series of lectures on the organization of the working space of the house during the quarantine.

In connection with the spread of coronavirus infection companies the capital moved nand the remote mode of operation, having opened for the citizens educational courses, lectures, interactive programs.

on March 29, the mayor issued a decree on additional measures for the prevention of pandemic COVID-19 in Moscow. In particular, the capital’s residents can’t leave their homes except for special cases prescribed in the decree. In the near future will be introduced a system of special passes that will allow residents to leave the house. The CEO is obliged to abide by the social distance of 1.5 meters.

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