What concerns storage places for packages, the package offered is quite creative. Because usually time is of the essence, the many deliveries of the day for the customers – as any delay can exceed the time frame.

mishap of a DHL courier: this Is the most creative location for packages so far?

Therefore, the addressees of your order, in part, to curious places: Under the doormat “hiding” or in the garbage bin placed where the customer can be happy, if in the meantime, the garbage disposal didn’t show up – or even through a window, thrown, where the hot-awaited package accidentally ends up in the toilet. All of these things are already happening.

And so it comes to, is a toilet seat. Here you will find fluffy covers for him. (Partner Link)

Currently, a new story on the net, which fits perfectly in these misadventures is circulating again. To find you on Facebook, where the page China Gadgets, informed the notification of a DHL courier. The customer is informed, first, by default, to the fact that the package was delivered in his absence to the neighbors. The note including, but suspicious: “On the roof”, it clarified.

hand in writing the DHL messenger explains touches including embarrassing: “I wanted to throw the package on the balcony, unfortunately, with a lot of momentum. Excuse me.”

Also interesting: DHL customer at the Limit: So it is now trying to educate their package offered.

users are amused at the notification card to the DHL courier

known Whether the customer found his / her order is actually on the roof, unfortunately, is not. Similarly, whether it is a real notification of a DHL courier, or just a Fake, to have fun on the net a little. In the Facebook comments, it does because from all: “There will probably get someone soon a call from the Olympic Committee,” says a user amused. Another writes made: “Yesterday was a Set of too much in the Gym.”

If you are interested in messenger for more funny stories from the package, then you are take a look at these unusual locations.

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