An American Tourist was with friends on holiday on the Greek island of Mykonos. At noon they stopped in a Restaurant, ordered calamari rings, salad and a few Beers. Then, when the bill came, they could not believe their eyes.

Restaurant in Mykonos, will item 836,20 Euro for Calamari, salad and beer

Francisco Tajeda from Brooklyn, was shocked, as to him, the bill was served: 591 euros for a six-plate of Calamari and 150 Euro for six Beers he and his friends charged 25 Euro per beer. Moreover, three of Caesar were on the bill for 59,40 euros-salad appetizers, with chicken, 17,80 euros for two bottles of water and a whopping 18 euros for a single glass of tomato juice listed.

Tajeda was so outraged that he posted the excerpt of the Rechnungauf Instagram. To this end, he wrote: “If you are in Mykonos, you go to the DK Oyster eat. They will charge you 25 Euro for a beer, 20 euros for a salad, 98,5 Euro for squid. I call that a rip-off.”

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Horrendous bill in the Restaurant on Mykonos, In the tourist trap

tapped made To the Portal DailyMail Tajeda said that he had gone with his friends on the beach promenade, as a Hostess you are aware of the Restaurant. With the promise of special offers you’ve lured you into the Restaurant, as it is called.

In the Restaurant you had to get cards without prices and on the demand, taste your food, got you didn’t react. You decided to take an Appetizer and a beer and then go again. The waiter had taken the order and at the end of the hefty bill you have been on a total of 836,20 Euro served.

The tourist had fallen over the exorbitant price from the clouds, would have paid the bill but then reluctantly, to avoid conflicts. As Tajeda but Locals presented, explained this to him, he and his friends had fallen in on a tourist rip-off. On the invoice that no tax was stated what was illegal. Tajeda and his friends had gone immediately to the police and have filed a complaint. He speaks of a tourist trap.

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“If you can’t afford it”: a Restaurant-owner rejects accusations

on Tripadvisor is not read from the reviews of the Restaurants by travelers, that a lot of goods with the prices in the Restaurant agree. One writes: “Such a brazen Charge… outrageous prices! Something I’ve ever heard. Ugh! Cola cost 15 Euro. What are you doing?”

another One is equally outraged: “this is amazing! It’s a rum go really, and invites the guests to have a good rating on this website (Tripadvisor, Anm.d.Red.). There is a glass of wine. Very untrustworthy. Not at all! And how embarrassing! Want to play at the top of the League, so also the prices. Quality, however, the district League.”

Dimitris Kalamaras, owner of the restaurant DK Oyster, has rejected the allegations, however. “We regret the language of the Person who published this photo. Actually, the prices are correct,” he told DailyMail. “Although we are of the opinion that they reflect the level of our efforts, our care and the quality of the food at one of the most sought-after beaches in the world, we can sympathize with a dissatisfied customer. But the word ‘case’ is not fair. Why is allowed to compute a luxury hotel 200-500 Euro per night and no one compares it with a room to rent? Why pay a customer of a small retailer for a jacket for 50 euros and another for up to a thousand Euro? We are all Criminals, thieves, bad people?”

costs in his Restaurant would always be settled carefully. “If you can’t afford to do that, just select the special combo menu – this is perhaps not the most satisfying Option, but it gives a little insight for those who are not able to afford the experience.”

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