Fürstenfeldbruck – but thousands of commuters and other travellers to pass to S-Bahn and trains every day to the point that, strictly speaking, on Emmer Inger hallway. Who looks out of the window, is surprised: Only a red tensioning strap secured to a tree, hangs there in breakneck slant, a black small car. And the for at least three months.

12. October 2018, a citizen notified the police inspection Fürstenfeldbruck this scenario. The officers drove to the whistleblower specified point on the edge of the forest in the extension of the toboggan run road. Under the sun flap, they were clamped, even the car keys.

The local police informed the railway space and the DB network. Employees of the latter saw the mess. They secured the belt of the VW Lupo with the red chip. Now, as it was in the DB network is not to go from the car, no longer a danger to tracks, trains, and passengers, so it was from the side of the course for its removal jurisdiction. The employees moved away again to company without further steps.

car on the railway embankment in Fürstenfeldbruck: holder of the car serves absurd story to

In the case of the police inspection, Fürstenfeldbruck, the holder of the cars was now on the Bahndammn. On the question of how he was advised by VW Lupo on the embankment, told the 41-year-old Prince field Brucker an absurd story. He was in the night the dangers in the forest, around trees, and to pick a Bach flower. As the special nature of the connoisseur, the man turned out not to be in further conversation with the officers. A Test showed that he had consumed neither too much alcohol drinking, or drugs.

With the recovery of his car, the Prince field Brucker has, however, also not especially in a hurry. When the police nachhakte again with him, he explained that he had handed over the matter to his lawyer.

police can’t remove the car on the railway embankment in Fürstenfeldbruck

inspection Fürstenfeldbruck are tied in the matter of the hands. As long as the car had a valid registration on the license plate, could he and the colleagues to intervene hardly explains Deputy head Michael Fischer on demand.

the costs of recovering the vehicle owner will remain in any case to sit. As the Prince field, Brucker police and a spokesman for the Deutsche Bahn agreed.

And should not hurry to the owner to create his vehicle from the embankment, to him, the Federal police also press a fine. The legally approved charge is “Unauthorized Parking of a motor vehicle. Spokeswoman Petra Wiedmann: “There is now one last time”.

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Sabine Kuhn and Tobias Gehre


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